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april 14! my favoritest day of the year! its my birthday! i love love love birthdays and my maturity level goes down a bit when its april 14. i get all smiley and giggly. all day long i feel so loved [yes i feel loved everyday but birthdays i feel even MORE loved] because i get text after text, phone calls, and facebook … now that is a ego booster on your birthday! so many awesome comments and i appreciate every single one of them! i was waken up this morning by my mom singing happy birthday in a very high pitch voice [i thought she had helium] and i made sure to celebrate her for just a minute and thanked her for birthing me 24 years ago. mom’s do all the work, they should be celebrated as well. she said, no problem and that i was actually the easiest of the four and was in a hurry that day … THATS WEIRD, leah in a hurry?! no, i was two weeks late. ha. classic.

shortly after my phone call from my mother, i was listening to thee cutest version of the ‘happy birthday’ song i have ever heard in my life. my nephew morgan called me up and sang to me … the whole dang song, so precious. i’ll never forget it.

i actually received my main birthday gifts a little early this year and on april 2 matthew surprised me with bob seger tickets. it was a blast and i’ll never forget that either. one of my favoritest things to do is attend concerts. i just love the energy of the fans. today .. while everyone works, i’m enjoying the day working as well but next to my dear friend Abby. i love the company.

some fun facts on this date 99 years ago … the titanic sank. well technically it hit the iceberg on april 14, 1912 around 11pm and sank early morning april 15. my great grandfather, richard isenga was born april 12, 1913 so was almost exactly one year later and i always celebrated my birthday with him when he was with us [we shared a cake]. of course we all know my birthday is the day before the big tax day [yay] … and also, abraham lincoln was shot on this day, in 1865. OH and my step sister and i share the same birthday. isn’t that crazy. happy 21st to kaitlyn!

tonight i’m going out with my family and i’m so excited to eat and eat and have a glass of wine and laugh and celebrate. we are a very close family and i love that. i love the milestone a birthday brings and of course being a deep thinker, i love reminiscing and thinking about the past and where i was a year ago and how fast the years go by. not to mention dreaming about the future and what i’ll be doing and where i’ll be in a year. this crazy thing called life … and i love it. although i’m not the most excited about aging … but don’t worry, skin care is very important to me and i have been wearing anti-wrinkle cream since I was 18. something my mother and sister have always taught me is to take care of my skin. maybe someday i will blog about my everyday skin ritual. its pretty exciting. i’m sure [and hoping] in the next 365 days i will grow as a christian, woman, wife, friend … business owner. i can’t wait and am so ready for what 24 has in store for me.

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  1. Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    Because it's your birthday it's okay you were 30 minutes late for lunch. :) Happy Birthday!
    • Thursday, April 14th, 2011
      WELLLLL .... i actually wouldn't have been late if we would have stuck to our first TIME. so YOUR lateness caused my lateness. yes, once again, your fault