Leah Mullett Photography

March, 2016

Clare 6 Month + Levi 2 year portraits

It seems like photographers just don’t take enough photos of their OWN lives & children. I hear it all the time, so I know that I am not the only one. Even if you are not a photographer, it happens! Its just a little odd when you have this awesome camera and are hired to take photos of your clients babies and then here you sit with no professional photos of your own children. I kick myself for not taking enough of Levi but with the whole ‘new mom’ anxiety and what not, it just didn’t happen as much as it…

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Seeing that we just got a good dusting of snow here in Michigan yesterday, I thought I should share another recent session I photographed that also took place in a winter wonderland! Elizabeth + Scott are from west Michigan but are currently living in Missouri, so we did not have much of a choice to not go out for the session even though it was only 12 degrees outside that day because they were in town so we had to do it. Perks of the freezing temps … amazing snow storm happened right before.

Even though we about froze our fingers…

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Friends at the cabin

I saw a post from someone I follow on instagram this morning that said, notice the people who make an effort to stay in your life. It really stuck out to me. Isn’t this so true?! I even have to remind myself this when it comes to those friends I need to try harder to stay in contact with. I met Alisa through the photography world and so thankful God put us together as friends. She definitely makes an effort to stay in my life & I do to her! We joke about our ‘first date’ and our ‘anniversary’ as friends, but…

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