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2016 Easter Baskets

Putting together the kids Easter baskets was so fun. These are the things I absolutely love doing. I think its more for me then for the kiddos, and an excuse to grab a few of those items I’ve been needing wanting to get them. I thought I would share so we can come back for next year & get some reminders/ideas! How adorable are these baskets my cousin MADE. She is so talented. You can purchase them by contacting her through her Facebook page HERE. She also made the adorable little bunny for Clare.

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Here are just a few things I put in their baskets along with some ideas for you all. I love getting creative with these and again, purchasing things that have been on the want list for awhile now. Or things I’m going to end up purchasing anyway for the warmer days! I try to not do just a crap ton of candy so these are great alternatives.

-Stuffed animal bunny [or any animal if you’ve had your eye on a jellycat one or cute adorable doll]
-Books [baby bibles are great if you do not have one already]
-Just a little candy in some eggs of course 😉 gotta have some peeps!
-Lotion + Shampoo [we love honest + tubbytodd]
-Tutu skirt
-Bows + Headbands for the little misses
-Fun little letter Balloons [surprise, surprise … Levi’s favorite new toy]
-Sidewalk Chalk
-Bathtub fizz [water color changers]
-Bibs/burp rags
-Snack cups
-Jewelry for the little misses
-Fun bunny ears
-Eggs filled with puffs + yogurt bites if you have a little one like Clare
-Bath toys
-Swaddles for the littlest of ones
-A new bottle
-Flavored Applesauce

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It was SO. MUCH. FUN. this year planning what to put on my little GIRL for Easter Sunday this year. I knew I had to do a pretty white or ivory dress and when I found this gap dress I about died. And then I found the little bunny ear headband from little biscuit bows … and I did. I died. Just love this little peanut and surprisingly, I enjoy dressing her. I grew up a huge tomboy & honestly not hugely into fashion even for myself but I do love dressing my little ones! And hopefully once I get my baby weight off I can play with my wardrobe some more too. Levi of course looked like a little stud muffin. I enjoy playing with his wardrobe as well but I will say, there just isn’t a ton out there for options for little boys! It kind of annoys me, but then again, I love dressing him simple and basically just trying to make him look even more like a mini Matt. Is that even possible?! Look mooooore like Matthew?! …

My sister also had our cousin Miranda make her some Easter baskets for her four. I just can’t get over how unique & adorable they are. Her kiddos got some pretty amazing books to add to their book collection.

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