Leah Mullett Photography

November, 2015

Weekend Fun

We had our first snow fall of the year here in Michigan, I seriously went from not thinking about Christmas at all to totally ready to go Christmas shopping and get it all done in 2 hot seconds. Its amazing what a little bit of snow does for your holiday cheer.

First I would like a huge pat on the back, perhaps a cookie, or a trophy … Matt was gone hunting for about 10 days. TEN. So I’ve been home solo with the babes that whole time. 22 months + 4-1/2 month old … and a dog. I was super…

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Ty + Ashley :: Engagement

I photographed this engagement session back in June, literally right before I was about to pop with baby Clare. These two were actually married in Maui on May 7 and are planning a wedding/reception for exactly a year later here in Michigan for family & friends to celebrate with them. So technically these could be considered just married or engagement photos. I mean you can clearly see the ‘newlyweds’ written all over these two, they are so in love & I had such a fun time capturing it.

Here is a wedding photo from their elopement in Maui. I tried to talk them…

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trip to the Eye Doctor + Blogger block

Blogger block is in full swing over here! This time of year comes & its always a little insane around here. Everyone trying to fit in a session before it gets cold, and then with this weather especially … I feel like I’ve been shooting constantly and getting more and more behind on editing, meeting with brides, trying to keep my house somewhat clean [big thanks to my hubby who helps me so much with that], attempting to be a good mom, NEVER ENDING LAUNDRY!!! SERIOUSLY … etc etc. You guys know what I’m talking about right?! Sleep has been the…

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Our Halloween Weekend

This past weekend snuck up on me, straight up flew by, and next thing you knew I woke up Sunday morning, first day of November … all confused why Matt let me sleep until 10am when we had to get ready for church?! I seriously was so confused, got ready for church just going off my phone thinking Levi must have messed with my alarm clock [this happens on a daily basis] … pulled into church and said, “Now why is this clock wrong too in the truck?!” Wow. Took me that long. I normally am ON it with the…

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