Leah Mullett Photography

October, 2015

Elizabeth + Josh :: Wedding

I’ve really been looking forward to going back through my photographs from last year & sharing them with you all. Holy cow was it so fun to re-live these awesome wedding days. I seriously just LOVE my couples! It is so crazy to me how clients that just click so well with me, find me. And perhaps a different photographer. I can’t say this enough, choosing the right photographer for you & your day is so so important.

Elizabeth + Josh were married in my all time favorite place, northern Michigan! The lovely bride got ready along with her NINE…

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Clare Three months

I probably should just let you all know right now I’ll some how always comment or mention how “I can’t believe” when it comes to how time is just flying by. So lets just get that right out there. See, I feel better. So yes, I can’t believe Clare is already 3 months! A week ago! *Cue the insane amount of hair loss, I may be bald soon.*  She seriously is so so sweet + a happy baby [majority of the time]. Obviously every kid has their days but all in all, hitting the 3 month mark has been wonderful.

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Nick + Michaela :: Engagement

I knew when the babies started coming that I would have to slow down photography wise. And I was okay with that. Still am. I absolutely love being a mama, it is thee BEST job I’ve ever had. Also the hardest. [And lets not forget about that waitressing job I had back in college.] But I also knew I always wanted to continue working after kids [part time] and that continuing doing photography was something I had to do for myself.

The past two summers/falls have been all about finding that balance. I feel like that is always a part of…

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Pumpkin patch + a Hay Ride

I have to admit I feel a little guilty about Levi not getting out a ton this summer to do fun activities. Something I always looked forward to before having children but then 42 weeks pregnant came … I wasn’t goin’ a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e. Then baby came, and that just scared me even more to leave the house out numbered. Now that Clare is 3 months [how the heck?!] I’m getting a LITTLE more confident to leave the house with the two on my own. But I had a friend for back up of course.

Wednesday was such a beautiful fall day! Of…

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