Leah Mullett Photography

May, 2015

36 week bump :: baby mullett #2

I think i’m teetering on that line where I should probably just go into hiding for the remainder of this pregnancy verses going out and taking pictures of myself. Is it bad that I seriously have the hardest time finding/making time for documenting with some photos AND not to mention … getting ready rarely happens these days. I need a nap after I get done curling one side of my hair. But I’m trying to keep with it, especially with all this gorgeous weather we’ve been having and I only have 4 WEEKS LEFT! Insane!!!! I can’t believe I’m posting…

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34 week bump :: Baby #2

I was just saying to Matthew that its funny to think back to October when we found out this little miracle baby was in the making, and picturing what May 2015 would be like … getting so close to being parents of two and here we are. MIDDLE of May and less than 6 weeks to go before we get to meet him or her! I just can’t believe it. Again, I’m going to miss this bump so much! Although after being pregnant back to back … and what feels like 7 years … I am trying to think…

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8 month bump :: baby #2

I’m having such mixed emotions just like I did the first go around. I want to meet this baby and hold it and kiss it and smell it and know what IT is so bad! But then again, I’m just so enjoying being pregnant again and I don’t want this second pregnancy to end! Even though by the end of most days, my who-ha feels like its going to fall off or explode.

Some days I feel huge. Then others, small. A few family members commented saying I looked smaller this time around than I did with Levi. And then…

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