Leah Mullett Photography

January, 2014

39 week bump

Okay, forgive me … the photos this week aren’t anything exciting. And I am not guessing a girl all of a sudden, I just had my sister snap these photos at her house the other day while celebrating Isla’s birthday. So this little sign is in Isla’s room, so cute right?! I’m actually almost done with my 39th week of pregnancy and about to say hello 40 weeks! So insane! The morning after this photo was taken, I had a doctor’s appointment and it was so exciting to hear that the baby dropped a ton more. I definitely can feel…

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kally + ryan :: engagement

I’m not sure which I love more. When someone tells me that someday they are going to hire me as their wedding photographer and they do it over three years later as soon as they are engaged… orrrrrr when a bridesmaid from a past wedding I photographed books me. They both are so exciting and mean so much to me that that girl has always loved my work and followed me throughout the years. Kally was just that, and actually did both. I photographed her cousin’s wedding I think about three years ago! I believe…

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38 week bump

Crazy to think this baby can come anytime now! You know you’re close when everyone you call doesn’t even answer the call with a ‘hello’ … I just get a, “Are you in labor?” reply. Once I assure them that I am not, then its “oh, hello, whats up?”

38 weeks snuck up on me. I mean this whole pregnancy has gone by way too fast. Although I am soooo excited to meet our little baby, I also know that I’m definitely going to miss being pregnant. It has been such an amazing journey, with all its aches and…

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36 + 37 week bump

I don’t know why but the time between this post and the last one seems like forever ago! I am going to try to blog the last few weeks separately now seeing that we’re down to the wire folks!!! T minus two and a half weeks! Insane! I can’t believe i’m here … in the home stretch. Where oh where does time go? I made sure to fill out the ‘questions’ when I am that week so that it is accurate. But writing this as I post the whole post. I was hoping to blog some ‘unseen’ bump…

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