Leah Mullett Photography

December, 2013

34 + 35 weeks preggo

A snowy weekend up north of course meant some sweater pictures in the snow with the bump. Even though it is hard to see the arch in my back and my actual belly size … these are the bump photos I always wanted. Northern Michigan with tons of snow and my babe in my belly. We of course had Christmas parties over the weekend but managed to sneak up north so Matthew could ride his sled for a few days. The bump and I had to stay at the cabin of course but we were okay with it. Stayed busy…

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32 + 33 week bump

Matthew had the day off yesterday and I totally forgot to share this little post with you guys because we were so busy getting TONS done and I just loved every second of it. Feels so great to cross so many things off the to do list! And today is no different, I’m running around like crazy working on accomplishing some things. Sometimes it feels as though the baby’s arrival is so far away because its ‘next year’ but when I look at the countdown and the fact that we’re under 50 days away from his or her arrival, it…

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