Leah Mullett Photography

November, 2013

my baby shower

November was pretty insane for me with four baby showers. I am sooooo thankful for each and every shower and the hardwork that went into each and every single one of them. I know first hand that they are a lot of work but they are so much fun to throw as well. My sisters and I enjoy throwing showers so much. Well, if you asked Tara and Brittany today they might say differently because they are still exhausted but we really do love planning and pulling together something unique and creative to celebrate.

They decided to keep everything a…

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31 week bump

The bump has been getting lots and lots of love this month with FOUR amazing showers. (More on that in my next post with a look at my baby shower my sisters threw me yesterday [ahhh-mazing]) 31 weeks was a very busy busy week! I actually took these photos on Friday with my sister Brittany but haven’t had time to blog them until now. My cousin told me this week the bump definitely grew, so we’ll see what you all think. Its hard to tell when it is your own body. Everything has been going great though still…

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erika + eric :: expecting

First, lets start out with this adorable dog because my blog clearly loves dogs. Meet turbo. He is freakin’ adorable.

Bumps everywhere!!! I found out my good friend Erika was pregnant shortly after I found out I was. She is about 6 weeks ahead of me and I can not wait to meet her little man coming in December! I keep texting her reminding her how close she is to having this babe because I’m so excited and nervous for her and secretly happy she is going before me so that she can give me some pointers 😉 Although,…

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jenny + aaron + brutus :: portraits

These two people and one adorable puppy have a very special place in my heart and I’ve been so excited to share this session on the blog since I shot it over a month ago! Aaron is my cousin and married this amazing girl named Jenny. I’ll never forget the day when Jenny and I were in gym class together and she came up to me and told me she was going on a date with my cousin Aaron. I KNEW … [seriously I did] … that they would get married. Aaron is just too sweet to pass…

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29 + 30 week bump

Finally a bump update! I’m still on cloud 9 about being pregnant, is that weird? Seeing that I’ve been for 30 crazy weeks now?! Brittany and I snuck off after my doctor’s appointment and snapped a few photos. Its becoming harder and harder and not to mention colder and colder to get these pics done. We planned on doing them yesterday but then there was that crazy storm/tornado watch we had so that was not gunna happen. The bump is definitely growing these days. Kind of fun to wait a bit more in between pics so you can see the…

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scarlett :: 6 month portraits

I photographed this adorable little babe when she was in the womb. I was so pumped when Sarah and Bryan asked me to do her 6 month portraits because I hadn’t even seen her yet and I had to official meet her and knew she would have thee best brown eyes like her mama. She definitely, well … as always for me … made me work for it. She was super serious the whole session but we did manage to squeak out a few smiles here and there with the help of Bryan’s amazing singing. No, sorry … I didn’t…

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vanessa :: expecting

One thing I absolutely love about my job is meeting new people, especially when it is during a very exciting time in their lives. Vanessa and Robert are about to welcome their little baby boy into the world. Yes, the blog is going to be hit with lots of preggo bellies the next few posts. I have more in the vault … not even including my own. I guess I’m attracting the expecting mama’s out there.

We had some crazy weather while shooting and I was loving the awesome clouds rolling in. And just to let you all know, No…

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smith family :: portraits

I was really going to try to share my 29 week bump with you all today but with the weather being so icky and my sister’s busy schedule, it just didn’t happen. So we’ll have to combine the 29 and 30 week bump again this week! Which is actually kind of nice because then I feel as though you can really see the growth of the bump. I made sure to already fill out my ‘questions’ for the week though so that is up to date and right! So stay tuned for that! For now though, I had…

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27 + 28 week bump

I can’t believe I’m in my THIRD TRIMESTER already! Where does time go? And speaking of time flying by … I can NOT believe today is the first of November. Things are getting down to the wire with baby planning and preparing so I want need to make sure I have a goals list these next few months!

We’re to that point where I go to the doctors every other week which is also insane. I just want all this to slow down. I actually enjoy going to the doctors, maybe its because he has a special place in my…

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