Leah Mullett Photography

September, 2013

23 week bump

Just like all the others, this week just seemed to fly by. Monday was pretty exciting for me, we had our routine monthly check up with the doctor and then I sat in a chair for hours on end getting my hair done. Gotta love having super long thick hair. Since I got pregnant, I’ve had the opposite thing happen to my hair than most pregnant woman … it is all falling out. Which fortunately I have some to spare, but still … it needed some TLC. So that is exactly what my sister did. We ended up cutting 6…

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22 week bump

Whoa, what a crazy crazy weekend that was for me! It was so go go, blogging this on Friday just wasn’t an option when I had kids being thrown my way to babysit on top of working and a blogging event to attend to that night, shooting a wedding, and trying to figure out my new iphone that Matt totally surprised me with! [more on that soon] Sooo happy its Monday and I’m ready to get some stuff done this week!

The 22 week bump is growing nicely these days. I swear it looks a bit bigger in photos than…

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chloe :: senior

When we first met this past winter snowmobiling together, we made the deal that I would for sure photograph her senior portraits. I was so happy when we set a date and I got to hang out with Chloe and her mom and Scott. We had such a great time, and I loved getting to know Chloe a little bit better. They are from the Lansing area but have a place out in Holland so it was perfect to mix it up for this high school senior and photograph her senior portraits somewhere different. And close to one of her…

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kailen + lukas wedding :: part two

Now onto the reception. After some portraits, we were welcomed into ‘the party’ that had already began. I also had my wedding reception in a barn so I’m a bit bias but I just loooove barn receptions. They are so fun and the atmosphere and ‘feel’ of the party is so different in a barn. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve been to one. Another thing that is amazing, for all you brides or soon to be brides planning weddings … is when you have everything in one location. Obviously this isn’t always do-able but if it is,…

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kailen + lukas wedding :: part one

Get ready. This wedding post is going to be insane. It took place in a barn, they got ready across the street in an adorable farm house with an amazing view, fields all around … yeah … make sense now of why this post is going to be insanely long? I just couldn’t help myself. So I divided it into two separate posts. I’m so thrilled to be finally sharing this wedding with you all today. This wedding took place near Clark Lake, Michigan so I drove in the night before and you should have heard my excitement…

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21 week bump

21 weeks was an exciting week for Matthew and I. We had our ultrasound and got to see our baby! It had been awhile so to see something that actually looks like a baby now, was so surreal. We both were smiling ear to ear and were totally that cute couple that kissed on the way out the hospital while we were walking but seriously, that is just how happy and excited we are. The baby had his/her arm up by it’s head which looked exactllly like his or her daddy. So we thought that was pretty funny. As I’ve…

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our 6 year anniversary vacation

Oh where to begin. About a month ago, Matthew and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary and at the last minute decided it was smart to take a road trip down south. We had talked about it months prior but I was dead set on saving our vacation time and money for a ‘babymoon’ … the new thing. What is a babymoon you ask? Well, right before your baby comes you do one last hur-rah and take off and enjoy a mini vacation right before the needs of parenthood slap you in the face. So I loved that idea….

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lucas :: 18th birthday portraits

Excited for everyone to meet Lucas here on the blog today! I kind of feel old when I think back to my first family get together with, at the time, my mom’s boyfriend’s family [now her husband] and I remember Lucas was like 5 years old! And here he is on his 18th birthday a few weeks ago! It has been so great getting updates from his family and how far he has come. I was so excited to photograph him on not only his birthday but it was such an exciting day for him. We met at…

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20 week bump

I can’t even believe I’m HALFWAY already!!! I swear my engagement and every other exciting thing in my life never went by this fast. It makes me kind of sad but then again, I am so excited to be holding this baby in my arms. But I would still prefer that it slows down a bit. Something SOOOO exciting happened this week, but I’ll share that below.

You know the saying, ‘that every little girl dreams of her wedding day?’ Well, to be honest … that wasn’t ever me. Don’t get me wrong, I was so happy on my wedding…

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oh abigail :: portraits

It’s been amazing watching this girl rock her industry and grow and grow and grow. Like most, I can barely keep up with this crazy girl’s schedule and all the million things she has going on. Through the years of being one of her best friends, I always told her she needed to ‘combine’ all her million things and consolidate. I’m so thankful she finally listened to me. Yes, I’m taking the credit. Sue me. But it’s true.

Along with working at full time as a marketing director, she has transformed her hobby of shopping into a business. How…

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