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August, 2013

19 week bump

I can’t believe it’s Friday, the last weekend in August, September on Sunday, and that I am 19 weeks pregnant! Craziness! This week pregnancy was amazing and I am just LOOOOOVING all the kicks and movements I’ve been feeling all day everyday! We have quite the mover it seems. And a morning baby I’d have to say, that is when he/she is definitely the most active. Rut-Ro.

With all the kicks, I’m definitely feeling more preggo by the day! It just makes it so much more real now. Not to mention, Matthew and I made some pretty exciting…

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18 week bump

There should be a written rule that when you are away on vacation … the next week you also get to have off of work to ‘recover’ from vacation. Last week was so insane with trying to get unpacked and our house back in order. We ended up getting our carpets cleaned which I LOVE and can’t wait to do it again before baby arrives … but that meant our living room was in our kitchen for a day and a half while the carpet dried. Fun stuff. Not to mention, it was fair week! One of my favorite weeks…

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17 week bump

I had all the best intentions to take a super cute photo while surrounded by BEAUUUUTIFUL settings this past week while on our roadtrip vacation [packed a cute dress and all] but let me tell you … apparently “jeep’n it” isn’t to be taken lightly. My hair was a disaster the whole entire trip. I mean, I’m not that type of girl to say no to the top being off the jeep while riding through the mountains in West Virginia and North Carolina so I just went with it but a fun photo just didn’t happen. So remember that when…

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until next week

Just wanted to say the blog will be a little lonely this week, and all posts will resume early next week! Matthew and I are celebrating our six year wedding anniversary this week and so thankful for this much needed time away. So please be patient, I will blog my bump update on Monday along with a gorrrgeeeouuus wedding, a portrait session with some muts, senior session, my trip, and of course this adorable little baby. I’ll leave you with her smile, which HAS to make you smile because seriously … look at that face!!!

xoxo, Leah

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16 week bump

How far along: 16 weeks, 2 days Sleep: Just frequent potty breaks, but other than that great Best moment this week: I got one of those heartbeat monitors and it is so fun. Matthew and I looooove playing with it. Miss anything: Nope, happy as can be to be pregnant Movement: Not yet Food cravings: Raspberries, ice cream, mashed potatoes with chicken gravy … not to get too specific Maternity Clothes: Rocking the maternity leggings and a bellaband. Anything making you queasy or sick: Chicken breasts and coffee never sound good anymore…

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bradley + emily :: wedding

Be warned. This post is going to be a loooooooong one full of too many photos. There is no other way to share this wedding that has been dying to hit the blog. Bradley and Emily are near and dear to my heart as you can read a little more about here on their engagement photos post I posted yesterday. Because I think we should stick to the love these two have for one another on such an amazing day.

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bradley + emily :: engagement

Bradley and Emily are a very special couple to me. Brad’s name has graced the blog a few times throughout the years, I first met Brad while meeting with a bride back in 2010! That is so crazy it was that long ago. He owns his own videography company called Bradley Productions and when Brad was meeting with the bride after me, we said our hellos and nice to meet you and that was that. Come the wedding summer of 2011 and Tara and I were working side by side Brad’s main guys. But no…

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august 2013 goals

photo from kailen + lukas’s wedding I shot a week ago and can not wait to share

Boy does it feel great to be back to blogging. I forgot how much I loved it. Now that I have finally shared the exciting news with everyone, I can explain my August plans and yes … I am very aware that life rarely sticks to plans. But, its still work trying and planning just makes me happy. I’m that type of girl that did not want to EVER cancel on a bride due to being put on…

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15 week bump

Finally got around to having a little mini photoshoot with my best friend Tifani right before shooting a wedding together. I want to document the growing belly in different settings and just a few fun photos throughout the next few months. Something a little different than the chalkboard look, which I do love but it being done a lot these days. I am taking more standard belly photos with Matthew for our own safe keepings. I would say this week, I’m finally starting to FEEL pregnant because I actually LOOK pregnant. I definitely felt preggo from…

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audrey + justen :: wedding

My sisters and I were so nervous to meet the ‘new’ family we were about to become apart of and little did we know, we would be welcomed in with open arms and a huge smile by everyone … especially Audrey. My mom married into a wonderful BIG family and I am so thankful to be officially apart of this family for almost twelve years now. I really don’t remember the first time we met, but all I remember is is that Audrey was so sweet and welcoming to the family and we hit it…

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