Leah Mullett Photography

July, 2013

14 weeks bump

I know, I know … how boring to post a photo from instagram that most readers have seen but I’m just not ready yet to do these weekly bump photos!!! Time is just flying by even though at 4 weeks and 2 hours I would have said differently. So eventually/soon I will be taking a lovely bump photo and sharing that instead of the same ole same ole but for now you’re stuck with a photo I instagramed this past week of my cousin Randi and I [lots of Randi lately too, her maternity session was blogged yesterday] doing…

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miranda :: expecting

So many preggo bellies lately. Miranda aka Randi is my cousin and best friend. It was cousin pinterest night, [the special night when all the crazy Holst cousins make an excuse to get together and have a few cocktails and make ‘pinterest’ crafts] when Randi shared the news with me. I believe my answer was YAYYYY followed by a confused look and pointing to her alcoholic drink. She explained that it was apple juice … not vodka.

I am sooooo excited for this couple to be parents any day now and can not wait to meet this little baby…

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it’s official

It is true, I’m growing a Mullett. But you won’t see me sport’n the hairstyle but instead I’ll be sport’n the baby bump! I’m sooooo thrilled to finally be sharing online with you all that Matthew and I are having a baby in January 2014! I am currently growing an actual ‘Mullett’ inside and I am beyond excited and SO THANKFUL the Lord blessed us with this little miracle. We are constantly reminding ourselves that this really is a miracle and we are not taking it for granted. We have been having so much fun week by week reading…

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why hello

Hello friends! I am sooooo thrilled to be posting this sneak peak from a wedding I shot this holiday weekend and also to be back to blogging after taking a much needed break. I feel so refreshed and there are so many exciting new things happening that I cannot wait to share them with you all. Hope everyone had an amazing fourth of July! After shooting a wedding in Lansing, I spent most of the week up north enjoying life at our cabin and watching fireworks over the lake with locals, then headed home to photograph an amazing wedding…

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