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December, 2012



Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas day. It was such an amazing day and so thankful for my friends and family. I know so many people just say that, but sometimes your really need to sit down and think, think about how important these loved ones are to us. I honestly did not need anything. So fortunate, but very thankful for all my fun gifts I got and praying for those who are less fortunate. Will definitely share some of my gifts here soon. Merry Christmas my blog readers.


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my story + blogging

Everyone and their brother knows a million photographers, and its even worse in western Michigan. I swear I find about five new awesome photographers a day via online, and one which is close by. Some are just starting, some have veterans to the industry … we all have a story.

My short version of my story is that I didn’t plan this. I never thought or saw myself becoming a wedding and lifestyle photographer. You know how we learned in school that their is a way we see our self, people see us, and what we really are. Sometimes I…

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audrey + justen :: engagement

I’m not the ‘nervous’ type. I mean I have a few things here and there that will get some butterflies in the tummy going, but not that often. My parents had been divorced for a couple years and after a few ‘fail’ boyfriends, my mom introduced us to Bruce. Thee ONLY boyfriend I approved and liked. I told mom it was a go, and after they had been dating for awhile it was time for all of us kids to tag along to the family Christmas party and meet the whole VanDerKolk family … which might I add,…

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mila :: 5 months

Mila Rae is my sweet little niece who is almost seven months now! Yikes! Where does time go?! Over a month ago, right around Halloween we headed outside in what seemed to have been COLDER weather than it is today in December. Poor little muffin was cold but we snapped a few and headed back in the car to warm up her little red nose. Mila was a big surprise to my sister Brittany but as we all guessed, Brittany is totally obsessed with her. I love watching Brittany interact with Mila and she is just so happy now. God…

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sarah + adam :: wedding

It really does seem like yesterday that I shared April + Clayton’s wedding with you which was also my last of the year. And here we are, somehow … a year later and I’m sharing my final wedding of 2012 with you all. [HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF] I do have a wedding on New Year’s Eve this year but teeeechnically this is my last wedding. And boy did I go out with a bang.

Sarah and Adam met through nursing and so glad they then found me to photograph their engagement and wedding day. What a blessing. The day was…

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deep thinker: baby edition


To say I’m a deep thinker is an understatement. I find myself battling with my inner thoughts so often asking myself way to many questions of ‘why’ in life, and a lot of ‘what ifs’. I was sitting in my sister’s church this evening, watching my nephew’s Christmas program. Boy was that fun. To watch him up there on stage totally copying the kids next to him because he wasn’t entirely sure what he was suppose to be doing with his arms at that part of the song. Oh goodness did that make me smile. Their church is…

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melissa + levi :: wedding

[please read this entire post in a ‘george bush’ southern accent in your head] … Howdy Y’all. Yes, I can totally talk southern on this post because I want y’all to meet my southern friends Melissa + Levi. I actually went to high school with Melissa so her super cute accent was adapted over the past few years of her living down south while going to school to be a dermatologist/physician assistant. Yeah, this girl is super smart and I was bummed I didn’t get to meet Levi until the wedding day but so thankful Melissa and I got to…

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december 2012 goals


Happy December! My first question is, where is our snow and when will it be here? It is no secret I’m a lover of snow, the whole Mullett household is … even Zoey. Her face often times looks like the adorable fox above. I absolutely love the changing seasons but especially love winter. Matthew and I are avid snowmobilers and enjoy our trips up to our cabin and ‘getting away’. Not to mention, I get some down time from work to catch up on things in life that have been neglected over the busy season.

So excited that…

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