Leah Mullett Photography

November, 2012

jenni + adam :: wedding

Ohhhh where do I start? Jenni and Adam’s day was so beautiful and I feel so in love with their families. Especially how stink’n cute Jenni is with her sister and her mom. Their bond is definitely unbreakable and I love close families, and of course … sisters. I need to warn you too, that you’re about to be slapped in the face by a perfect little petite body and along with that, let me tell you … she is soooo sweet too. Yeah I know, not fair. Not to mention, her eye for decor is amazing and every little…

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november 2012 goals



Why hellllllooooo November. You’re here so soon, and boy am I ready for some turkey, family time, and remembering all the things I’m thankful for. I definitely need that reminder sometimes … so sit down and think of all the good things in my life rather than constantly looking at the negative. So lets start of saying I’m so thankful for my family. Popular thing to be thankful for but really, we need friends and family and the people who are in our lives and love and support us are so important. So I am…

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seejon :: senior

It is soooo refreshing to have a senior boy with some major style. Seejon stepped out of the car with his skinny black pants and army boots with a tie and I was already freaking out. I love a guy with a sense of style. On top of his amazing outfits, he has quite the amazing personality too and from what I can tell … him and his friends have a great sense of humor too.

When I’m shooting a senior session, its always exciting because of where they are in their life. I’m sure that’s how any older person…

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