Leah Mullett Photography

September, 2012


jamming to ‘breath of life’ by florence + the machine drinking my creamer with a tad bit of coffee anticipating my workout in an hour with brittany inspired by ruche lookbooks + mikaela ruth photography praying for abused animals wishing matthew and i were in northern michigan hoping i can catch up on work in the next week determined to start using my planner again trying to figure out how to get all the things done i need to these next few days excited to have some time to myself this fall and gather my thoughts, inspirations, and get organized…

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Ari :: senior portraits

i would say most of the time when i have a senior session, their mother accompanies them on their session or even sometimes mom, and some friends. which i love. i love meeting new people and having more people to talk to. BUT, its also so nice to have it one on one sometimes and i feel as though we get to know eachother a little bit better and also ‘try’ different things because we’re not too distracted and you can’t beat any one-on-one situations. so when ari showed up with just herself, i was surprised but also excited. just…

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happy tears

the past few days have been spent mourning the loss of matthew’s grandfather, donald ‘jack’ mcelwee. today we shared stories, shed tears, but also celebrated his life and how many people he touched. death is such a confusing thing and everytime i attend a funeral, i am reminded of that. i tried to smile throughout the day as much as possible remembering that he is with God and this is a happy thing, but it is human nature for us to mourn and be sad. he will be missed and i am sooooo lucky and fortunate to have had him…

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kaylin + kendall :: wedding

Kaylin and Kendall are two of the kindest people you’ll meet. So easy going, young and in love. Kaylin and I chatted about pinterest for hours when we met and all her plans to bring some personality and craftiness to her wedding day. It was with great joy that Tara and I had the opportunity to document their wedding day and spend time with their friends and family. I love that Kaylin and Kendall get just as excited as i do about the great outdoors and nature. We of course played in a wheat field under the very hot and…

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friday favorites

i’m sure everyone has already started their weekend but wanted to sign on [whoops] and off this week with a few of my friday favorites like i used to do in the old days. hope they leave you inspired and feeling happy for the weekend. this is my first weekend off of a wedding in a loooooong time! what do normal people do on saturdays?! seriously?! leave a comment and let me know, i’m clueless on how to spend my day tomorrow. i might run around with a camera bossing zoey around and looking for a bouquet to photograph.


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carly :: senior portraits

we started off in a field full of flowers and right away, carly was giggling. it may have started off as nerves but i soon figured out that her little sister seems to make her laugh often. i was so excited to meet carly, a senior at hudsonville high school this year and also a softball player. her mom, sister kelsey, and best friend kristi accompanied us on her session and we had so much fun exploring the country and laughing lots. her smile is so contagious if you can tell. i absolutely love it. below are all genuine smiles…

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september 2012 goals



somehow the second week of september is upon us and i couldn’t be more excited for some cooler weather, leaves falling, color changing, apple cider, pumpkin spiced latte’s, mums and so much more fall goodness. i absolutely LOVE fall and it really hit me once i got married and had a home to decorate with yummy smelling candles and all the fall goodness out there. this past week was spent shooting two weddings and trying to catch up after a super crazy wedding season. of course i’m still working on the catching up part and probably will…

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