Leah Mullett Photography

August, 2012

… lately …

the end of the busy season is near. i can see it, smell it, oh how exciting. but i also can look back at all the beautiful people i’ve photographed and sigh and wish i was there again. i just absolutely LOVE spending time with all these amazing people. they have a special place in my heart. in case you have been wondering what i’ve been up to lately, it hasn’t been laying out at the beach everyday … or taking naps … lots has been happening and here is a glimpse into what i’ve been working on lately. hope…

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always a good reminder



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morgan + irelyn :: portraits

its that time again. time for me to share my adorable niece and nephew on the blog. but first, can anyone else believe its almost september? i say it all the time but seriously, time just flies. the past few weeks i’ve been MIA from the blog and well … life. after going on an amazing five year anniversary vacation with matthew, i feel as though i’ve been in a rut when it comes to blogging and just life in general. august was just so jammed backed with weddings and every other day of the week scheduled with something that…

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amber + brian :: wedding part 2

amber and brian pulled together their closest family and friends to stand up for them in their wedding and it was such a great group of people to hang out with all day. most of them were family due to them both coming from large families, especially amber who had her four sisters stand up for her along with her new sister in law. brian inherited a tractor from his grandfather that made its debut in their engagement photos and of course he had to trailer it up to bellaire, michigan and have it be apart of the wedding day….

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amber + brian :: wedding part 1

i love seeing all the different styles and types of weddings. it makes it so exciting going to a wedding every weekend wondering how different it will be from the last one. crazy how different they really are, and all so beautiful. this wedding was what i wish i would have done, but in my defense … weddings were so different even five years ago! so i just live it through my amazing brides. lace, soft pinks, peonies, hay wagon, i could go on and on. this wedding was amazing. not only the decor and all the hard hard work…

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sarah :: senior

well hello little blog. looking forward to sharing my vacation photos and stories from our five year anniversary trip but until then, have to keep sharing all these photos i’ve been taking over the past several weeks!

meet sarah. she is a senior at hamilton high school this year and i had so much fun [along with her mother, karla] making sarah laugh. well, attempting … and then she would laugh at herself.

i believe through all the millions of conversations we had, nursing or something in the medical field came up for her future goals. wishing sarah the best…

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sarah + adam :: engagement

how beautiful is this beautiful bride to be?! and adam isn’t too bad himself ;). i was so excited after meeting with sarah and kicking it off right away to hear she wanted me to be apart of her wedding day. we met at panera bread, one of my favorites for lunch … and chatted about life, inspirations, and this amazing couple. adam actually played soccer back in the day with my husband matt, back in his ‘athletic days’ i guess lol … wish i could have seen that. such a small world.

excited for their wedding coming end of…

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tori + kyle :: wedding

i’ve come to just accept that this is my life right now, busy busy summers working non-stop. Yes, yes … I’m still on vacation but this girl has waited long enough to see some of my favorites from her big day. tori and kyle were so much fun to work with and we had a blast being there when these two tied the knot. I had always wanted to actually SHOOT a wedding at the grand rapids art museum and was so excited when tori and i first met downtown holland when she filled me in on all their plans…

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mila :: newborn

once again, mila is gracing our presence here on the blog. after sharing with you all her birth story, i’m excited to have her on the blog once again [and i can promise you this won’t be the last]. mila was a surprise gift from God and she is growing everyday so much and love the fact that we’re in the smiling stage now. very excited when she will start making some noise [besides crying] and can’t wait for her to start giggling! she already has started to recognize her hands, which is always a fun stage too. i’ve always…

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august 2012 goals


why hello august. my favorite, oh so favorite month. i personally don’t see august as the end of the summer, but more so it signifies the summer for me. you can laugh at me but i absolutely love the local county fair. yup, i know … dork. i actually raised hogs for the fair for ten years as a young’n so i always camped at the fair and it was just such an exciting time in my childhood that its hard to not get excited for it still. its even where matthew and i first met way back…

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