Leah Mullett Photography

July, 2012

leigh + trevor :: expecting

baby harper is here and doing well, but i had to share these photos of leigh and trevor during such an exciting time in their lives! leigh and trevor definitely have a special place in my heart. i feel so blessed to be so close to them and to have been a part in thee most exciting years of their lives. such an amazing part of my job. with so much negativity around in the news and what not, its so sweet to be apart of wedding days, exciting planning and engagements, anticipation of a baby’s arrive and so many…

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jammie + patrick :: wedding

i don’t like to think of myself as a person who thoroughly enjoys eating, but i do have to say i look forward to my meal allllll day long when shooting a wedding. it just takes so much energy and not to mention, we usually don’t get to eat anything until about dinner time because we’re so busy so when it comes to that point in the day, i’m excited. it was justine and brian’s wedding last august when we were seated under a tent, once again … we were hot, sweaty messes … and super ready for a yummy…

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jenni + adam :: engagement

from the moment i met jenni i knew we’d be a match as couple and photographer. jenni is a art teacher and everything about her wedding day is going to showcase that fact 100%. she came to me with so many ideas and inspirations, and not to mention this girl is organized! a girl after my own heart 😉 [as she said to me about my little sister’s shower]. i’m not even sure how long we ‘met’ for the first time but i was so pumped when she asked me to be their photographer and then i finally got to…

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mila :: birth portraits

this wasn’t my first time watching a baby being born, i had watched my little brother come into this world when i was twelve years old, but this experience was like no other i have ever had. with jalen’s birth, i was basically hiding behind a curtain scared for my life and what was happening. with mila’s birth … i was up front and center, holding on to brittany’s leg as she pushed. one of THEE best experiences of my life. coming from tara, someone who has had children, it was such a different experience being on the other side…

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sydney + kyle :: engagement

once again, its that time of year. these two are already married, we met a few weeks before their wedding day and shot some engagement photos. i think these sessions are so important and absolutely some of my favorite sessions because its great to have photographs of you with you fiance not only because its an exciting time in your life that you want to remember forever but also because its you two, in your normal clothes, all in love. on a wedding day, you’re on such a time crunch and cramming so much into one day that often times…

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mallory + austin :: engagement

its that time of year where i share a session with you sometimes long after my couple has their photos. that time of year when i’m go go go, barely have time to sleep. i’m still chugging these days … but wowza am i busy. so blessed to be this busy but excited for some time for myself maybe in the fall …. orrrrr winter.

mallory and austin were such a blast to hang out with. the whole time we were together, i felt like i was hanging out with friends i had hung out with for years. to be…

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lindsay + andy :: maternity

i met lindsay and andy for the first time when we met to document this exciting time in their lives. their baby boy is due in a couple of days and these two are ready to be parents! one of my favorite parts of my job besides taking photos is to ask questions and get to know new people. this night was a perfect reminder of how much i love that. throughout the session, i watched the two get more and more comfortable with me and their personalities start to shine. lots of laughs and sunshine in these photos.


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new site anthropologie give-away

first off, want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your sweet comments and sharing the excitement with me of this new site going live! It really made it special that everyone is so supportive and enjoys the site! I blog because I love reaching out to people and sharing the way I see life and love through my camera but also because I love to connect with new and old friends! So I absolutely love INTERACTION between me and my readers so keep them coming! I would love to get…

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morrow :: family farm portraits

i could write on here, “i never get nervous before a shoot” … and that would be a lie. especially when it comes to photographing another photographer. but once i’m there, and meet my clients, the bonding starts and i’m always reminded of how lucky i am with these amazing people that ask me to photograph a point in their lives that they will never get back. it means alot. and sandy was no different. we kicked it off right away and i just love making new friends in the industry. she is so genuine and sweet, can’t wait for…

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the all new leah mullett photography

What an exciting week I am having! I am thrilled to finally be sharing with you all the new and improved Leah Mullett Photography! To say this project has been in the works for some time now is an understatement but through all that hard work and countless hours collaborating with Megan from Hitch Design Studio, all I can say now is how thankful I am to be here today sharing this with all of you. A year after quitting my interior design i needed something to change within my business. After praying about it for months, I knew I…

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