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March, 2012

too much coffee


i’m not sure if someone at the ‘coffemate creamer’ factory accidentally slipped some drugs into their bottles and i happened to get that batch or what but i am freaking out on inspiration overload today! i’ve called both sisters and neither one of them cares, and brittany is not creative so therefore has no understanding of how i feel right now. Does anyone else ever get this case of ‘inspiration overload’? When your brain is spinning a million miles a second and you have so many ideas, hopes, dreams, goals … to do’s … books to read,…

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mid march 2012 goals


i realized it about six days into march that i hadn’t done my monthly goals on the blog and told myself, oh well. thats what sickness does to me, all care goes out the window. i’m hoping your first two weeks of march were much better than mine. after laying low the first week of march with being sick, sunday morning after shooting a wedding and ready to be feeling better … the sickness that was going around the family hit me hard and again, started out my week super slow. and now here we are march 20…

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friday favorites

I hope everyone had a better week than me! The last two weeks I have been sick and of course with this crazy beautiful weather it just rubs it in even more. I’m super excited to be back at it next week and feeling normal! Fingers crossed! I took a few sick days, and so did blogging obviously … so here is a few of my favorites from March and things i’m loving lately! Enjoy the weekend!!!!




favorite begging pup :: so thankful for this lover that keeps me company while i’m sick and watches breaking dawn…

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kaylin + kendall :: engagement

nothing like a late night blogpost right?

they met through mutual friends and have been best friends ever since. so relaxed together and so much fun to hang out with, even if it was freezing cold and again, our boots got wet. atleast kendall is a sweet heart and carried kaylin around when hiking through some mini ponds. i loved hearing their story and how they love to go on road trips together. UM HELLO, ME TOO! i’m pretty sure we all know i’m a huge fan of road trips. LOVE LOVE LOVE. one of their best ‘dates’ was a…

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janelle + cody :: engagement

at the time, they weren’t looking for each other. they were single and having fun. i love how cody worded it when he was telling me the story, saying he would have never guessed he would meet a girl and fall in love at that time in his life. he was just hanging out with the guys and having fun and then bam, there’s janelle. its been about two and a half years and their ready to tie the knot in only a few short weeks!!! they’ve been busy working on their house, they also went the remodeling route which…

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new chapter

i’ve always been known as the ‘tough’ sister, the tomboy. total middle child syndrome going on right here. but sometimes i find myself being the most sensitive of us girls. this past weekend was a very emotional one for me. and i know a house is just a house, i heard it a dozen times. and i know. trust me, i am so thankful that my friends and family are safe and healthy and i know this is not a big deal, but i get very attached to things. i’m sure some of you were sick of my tweeting, instagram,…

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