Leah Mullett Photography

February, 2012

kelsey + andy :: wedding

the last engagement session I shot in 2011 and the first wedding in 2012. And what a great couple to share both exciting monumental times with. For those of you who were in the bridal party for this amazing day, i’m sure you were wondering if I made it home alive with all fingers … seeing I was so close to freezing to death. I’m happy to say I am alive and well and fingers now have their circulation back. Boy was it cold. I’m pretty sure it was just because I was outside for a long period of time…

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creating a timeline

For those who have planned a wedding or are currently planning a wedding understand when I say, it is hard work. So many factors go into creating the perfect wedding day … time to take photos, family members knowing where to be and in what outfit, flowers, bridal party, hair, make-up, ceremony time, transportation … making sure your guests are happy and have food and drinks to keep them happy while they wait. Sometimes it gets to the point where you have to remind yourself what a wedding day is suppose to be about! Marrying your best friend and love…

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friday favorites

Don’t you love that feeling that when you wake up you can just SMELL its Friday. Its weird I know but I swear the way the sun is shining and there is something in the air, i love Friday mornings! I’m getting pretty anxious these days to share my new blog with you guys but patience is a virtue. Now that spring is in the air because i’m pretty sure we just skipped over winter, I will be having more sessions to share with you all on here. Two engagement sessions I shot this week to share along with some…

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amanda + jason :: maternity

There seems to be a trend on the blog lately. The last 3 posts are showcasing some cute preggo bellies. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying spending some time with these expecting ladies and hearing about their excitement for their new arrival. It is contagious … not the pregnancy thank goodness 😉 but the excitement. It rubs off on you when spending some time with these couples and hearing about their plans and thinking how much life is going to change in a few short weeks. So happy to share with my blog readers too quick, Tom and Kelsey just welcomed baby…

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february 2012 goals + britt

Wow. I just typed in January goals. No Leah, its February already. Need to get that through my head. How did everyone’s start to 2012 go? Just because we’re into the second month of the year doesn’t mean we can forget about our new years resolutions! I’m sticking strong with mine and excited for this month of LOVE and all the fun things planned already. I’ve been starting to shoot a bit more after a winter break and it feels great to have my camera back in my hand. Definitely disappointed with the snowfall we’ve been NOT having in Michigan….

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