Leah Mullett Photography

January, 2012

i have been throughly enjoying my rest and time off this winter but on that same note … was so excited to get outside and shoot my first session of 2012. We were hoping for some snow and with the way our winter started out … I almost lost all hope. And then of course, a few days after the ground had been bare for too long, we get hammered with some snow. First thought, ohhh kelsey and tom’s session will be a winter wonderland! Second thought, ohhh snowmobiling! Today I write from my office with a candle burning next…

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drinking a skinny vanilla latte working across from Abby, downloading + culling images planning out my week anticipating my workout this afternoon inspired by nature and God’s beautiful creation after a weekend in northern michigan excited to share with everyone some business goals i am almost done with praying about a family who lost a loved one yesterday reading, ‘9 things you simply must do to succeed in love and life’ ready to play with zoey craving a phone call with tara wanting to re-do my whole closet + wardrobe determined to stick to my new year goals impatiently waiting…

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friday favorites

Hope everyone had an amazing week! Definitely flew by super fast with Monday being a ‘vacation’ day for some. Here are some of my favorites from this week and hope everyone has a fun, safe, and RELAXING weekend!




favorite smile :: they’ve been married for 62 years! so cute! matthew and i someday 😉 ???

favorite show :: episode was last night and i’m always blown away by the acting on this show! fave!


favorite hair photo ::


favorite reminder ::


favorite staircase ::



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Happy New Year + January 2012 Goals


I’ve definitely been taking one of my December goals pretty seriously the past few weeks. The whole ‘relaxing’ and enjoying some time off of shooting has been in full swing for me. Hence this blog post being a few days late. The months [and time in general] all flies by so fast, and of course with holidays mixed in there, it goes even faster. I absolutely love the the holiday of New Years Eve and was so excited to spend it up north at our cabin with my friends and family. It is such an exciting time and…

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