Leah Mullett Photography

December, 2011

cross it off the ‘want’ list

i made it quite clear to everyone in my family that there was NOTHING i needed for Christmas. of course i can always scrap a few things together for a list of ‘wants’ but more so, at the age of twenty four … i just truly enjoy the company of family and the best of it all, watching my three year old nephew and one year old niece open their gifts. that is the best part.

i would love to hear what it was on some of your lists? and what you got? one of my favorite pass-times is working…

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tifani + nick

i took the month of december off of sessions to catch up on my weddings, albums, and life’s to do’s that were neglected over the busy summer and fall months, but when tifani emailed me … a fellow photographer … i didn’t even hesitate to meet her and her fiance nick. this coming may these two will be hitched and although i am not their wedding photographer i was so excited to meet them and get to know the duo. tifani and i chatted most of the time about her story and journey with photography and she kept on mentioning…

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never content

i am always pushing myself. pushing myself to be a better person, wife, photographer, daughter, sister, friend … its a constant battle. I always thought it was normal to feel this way and good and healthy to push myself to be a better person but i will say it gets pretty tiring. i’m constantly buying self improvement books, workout equipment, magazines, clothes, anything i can to improve myself. i do it without even knowing i do it. how can that be a bad thing right?? how can buying a book that will teach me how to balance my life better…

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matt + miranda :: just because

its finally friday and it snowed. which leaves me sitting here working and smiling ear to ear. i absolutely LOVE snow, and that might have something to do with snowmobiling and northern michigan. my blog has been a bit neglected this week but for good reasons. i’ve been concentrating on albums and emails, along with christmas shopping and spending time with my family. speaking of christmas shopping, i never thought i would ever say this so early into december but i’m almost done. oooohhhh snap. something that has been on my goal list for years upon years in december is…

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kelsey + andy

sometimes when i’m driving down the road after getting done with an engagement session … i giggle to myself and how much of a mess i was. now, when i say a mess i mean a different kind of mess that what you may think. so much in the moment and freaking out with ideas that i get all flustered and what not. tripping, not making sense or saying full sentences. saying the wrong names … and lots of weird words like, oh, ah, and ehhh. i probably am not making much sense right now but looking back to my…

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december 2011 goals


we all know i’m a little disappointed that we don’t have any snow right now but i’m hoping and praying that its coming soon. and maybe it will feel a bit more christmas-y when its here. i just LOVE snow, christmas music, scarfs and mittens … i’ve even come to love brushing off my car because that means we got some snow! not to mention its still boot season, and boy do i love boot season.

during the month of december i try to do something i rarely do. Relax. and because that is my main goal for…

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lauren + kyle

it wasn’t looking like the weather was going to stay good for us but we went for it anyway. lauren and kyle traveled over to hang with me all the way from dearborn and i couldn’t have been more excited that they did. we started off in an apple orchard and talked about them. for those that know me, i’m considered a ‘talker’ or as my grandpa always called me, motormouth … but when it comes to engagement shoots, weddings, or anything about love … i love hearing their stories. i loved hearing how the two met and didn’t think…

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