Leah Mullett Photography

November, 2011

corey :: senior

i had the privileged of shooting corey’s senior photos a few weeks back and whats awesome about it is i also shot his brother’s senior pics a couple years ago. that was back in the day when i didn’t blog so can’t share you a link but i can tell you that the two could be twins. they both are into hockey and i was so excited to hear that brenden is doing awesome and playing hockey in canada working his way into maybe someday going pro. how awesome.

patti (corey’s mom) and i had to work hard to get…

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tracey + mike :: engagement

for some odd reason, i have this thing with teachers. or should i say HAD. i have innocent bystanders that can vouch for me that there are just some teachers i have had in the past that dislike me right from the get go and i did nothing wrong. i swear. elementary was awesome and loved all my teachers, there were only a few in high school that couldn’t stand me [and trust me the feeling was mutual] and one in college that we bumped heads right from the get go. other than that, i was a very loved student….

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caleb :: senior

if i haven’t talked about my best friend stephany enough on here i apologize. she is my very best friend in the whole entire world and we definitely don’t see eachother as much as we should. life has taken us down some different paths … she went away for college in kalamazoo and i stayed home … then she moved to detroit to work, got married, and now just left for texas last friday. but thats my stephany. and i love her. but this post isn’t about stephany … that shall come a different day. this is about her little…

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elizabeth & jack

these two have graced the blog time and time again and i couldn’t be more excited about it. its crazy for me to think my good friend sara, whom i’ve been friends with since fifth grade has two kids! so crazy that we’re at totally different points in our lives but yet we still connect and i just absolutely LOVE spending time with her and her kiddos. if anyone wants to send sara love mail like i do and beg her to have more children let me know and i can forward the messages on … its just sick and…

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november 2011 goals


happy november!

not sure how its here already but it is. trust me … i didn’t believe it either but after checking a few different sources it is definitely here. this is such a happy month though. think of all the happiness that happens. we get to spend more time with our families and remember what we’re thankful for. instead of thinking about all that we want in life, we remember all that we have. something i need to do more in life. oh and we can’t forget that we get to eat pumpkin pie … my one…

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my love for the country way of life started at a young age. but my appreciation for being in the middle of no where started a few years ago. as i’ve gotten older my ‘introverted’ self has grown pretty strong. i’ve learned and now full appreciate some alone time. … trust me, i’m still my talkative social butterfuly self but i now have learned to enjoy the quite time and time to think and meditate on life. we all know my love for thinking. but that time to yourself is so important and for those that do not understand it…

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