Leah Mullett Photography

October, 2011

jessica + jason :: wedding

their dads stood up in eachothers weddings so of course this wedding was meant to be. i’m sure i’m not the only guilty person that chats back and forth with their friends about having children at the same time and if so, they are so getting married. or maybe thats just a girl thing. but in this story, it happened. they fell in love. they grew up neighbors and always ‘knew’ of eachother but it took awhile for them to make the leap and finally figure out what God had planned for them this whole time, and that one another…

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amber :: senior

i photographed this fun girl named amber. we met downtown grand rapids and immediately set off to snap some portraits of her during this exciting time in her life. senior year. she may go down in leah mullett photography history as the senior with the most outfit changes but we managed some how to squeeze them all in before the sun was gone. she is currently a senior at calvin christain high school and dreams of someday becoming a physician assistant. ‘maybe’ she said. quite the job and school work load, but this girl can definitely do it. she’s determined…

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:: friday favorites ::

you all probably thought i forgot about friday favorites didn’t you?! no way! i love doing these … just life’s busy schedule hasn’t allowed me to even begin to think about what i’m loving lately … besides getting work done, i love that a lot lately. so on top of loving my productivity … i’m also in love with these goodies. happy friday!


favorite room full of textures ::

long hair :: i think we all know my love for long hair. i love this girls hair and going to keep growing mine…

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morgan :: senior

i really enjoyed spending some time with morgan and her mother and chatting about her dreams to become a photographer as well. you know how every year you get older [and i’m talking to people that are twenty and even fifty year olds] you obviously … or hopefully get smarter and then you start looking back and thinking oh only if i knew then what i know now. or … i was so young and dumb then! i’m only twenty four but i’m pretty sure this is something i will constantly do. i say this because when i hang out…

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tori + kyle :: engaged

they kept repeating over and over again that they were so nervous and not good at taking pictures. i assured them that a lot of people say that and its not hard at all. just be you. be in love and silly and your love will shine through in your photos. i love what i do and really try to make all my clients feel super comfortable in front of the camera but i can’t stage ‘love’ in photographs … that just shines through naturally. which is exactly what happened with these two.

as the night went on we chatted…

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mallory + ben :: wedding

after shooting leigh and trevor’s wedding the day before i thought i would wake up and feel whooped like i usually do after shooting a wedding. but instead i woke up with some crazy energy and totally pumped to have another day filled with love and seeing another amazing couple get married. i really do care so much for all my couples. they have a special place in my heart, each and every one of them. after hearing their story of how they met on their engagement session in grand haven, i loved hearing more stories throughout their wedding day…

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october 2011 goals


holy crap. this is getting a bit ridiculous. how in the heck are we already to october?! i feel as though i was in a coma for the past month! i’ve been working hard at catching up and shooting a lot trying to catch the beautiful colors of autumn here in michigan. we’re almost to full color and my week is crammed. september i was desperately craving some time to catch up and relax but its looking like november is going to be more of that month for me. perfect timing for the holidays and i plan to…

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leigh + trevor :: wedding

for awhile all i had heard my cousin randi talk about was her friend leigh. if randi likes someone so much, i knew i would too. our first meeting face to face was one of thee most remember-able first acquaintances that i think i have ever had. i drove to randi’s house way out in the country after a very long day of shooting a wedding. i was tired but their persistence convinced me and i soon found myself driving to meet leigh for the first time. she was recently engaged and already knew she wanted me as her photographer….

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