Leah Mullett Photography

September, 2011

something different

it had been forever since i had talked to michael, a family friend who was more like a second dad to me in my younger years. after my dad had introduced me to the sport of dirtbiking and woods riding, michael soon had me tagging along to go to the local motocross tracks with him. it soon turned into an obsession and quickly became my favorite sport. [yes, most don’t believe me but i was huge into racing motocross] for a couple years we raced almost every weekend and at the ripe age of fifteen i must say i was…

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over the course of the years of being married, september has slowly made its way to one of my favorite months. now i’m starting to realize why. it all started when i first got to decorate my house for the fall season. i loved it. think pottery barn. leaves falling, colder weather approaching, time to take out the boots and dust them off. warm steaming coffees start to taste even better and who could say no to a pumpkin spice latte. although i love the month of september, i find it also being a time when i’m desperately craving winter…

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jessica + jason :: engagement

i have to give all the credit to jessica on this ‘styled shoot’. she came with props galore and really had a vision for their engagement session and wanted to show off their style as a couple. oh so vintage and beautiful. we met at a super dreamy field with a willow tree and really enjoyed getting to know one another a bit better. jessica and i graduated together but due to our class being over six hundred, never really knew eachother that well. more so just ‘hi’ friends. not to mention jessica is super sweet and shy. but so…

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where to start

every summer my blog gets a little neglected. my personal posts become few and far between even though i have so much to share. i look at my planner today and i have one wedding to go before my much needed winter break and seventeen under my belt this year. my schedule for the months of may and june were crazy and july gave me some much needed ‘breather’ time. however, august was probably one of thee most craziest months of my life. for months i looked at my planner and wondered how i would ever make it through and…

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mariah :: senior

my weekend was filled with riding horse, hanging out with family, and a senior session. we were up at our cabin in kalkaska and i headed towards williamsberg to meet mariah and her family for a couple hours. with cowboy boots and spurs on and all. i swear the further north you get in michigan the nicer the people are. oh how i love northern michigan. i think we all know that … i might talk about it a lot. whoops.

we finally started snapping some photos after the storm passed and had a blast getting to know mariah and…

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partner in crime

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meet kari

kari is a good friend and to this day i am grateful to her for helping me design my wedding invites. yup. about five years ago we emailed back and forth and became ‘online’ friends. i remember driving over to her house for her to help me with my invites and a little nervous to meet her like it was our first date. sure enough we laughed and connected immediately and a friendship was born. over the years we’ve stayed in touch and i was so sad when she picked up and moved down south, first to costa rica and…

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mary + ryan :: wedding

i try super hard to not pick favorites when it comes to clients and weddings. and i do a pretty good job at it. but looking back at this wedding and the whole weekend, i smile from ear to ear and am so excited to be blogging these today. mary did such a great job with her planning and the day went perfect. mary first contacted me after my cousin whom she roomed with told her about me. she knew what she wanted and told me there was no doubt in her mind she wanted me to travel down towards…

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facebook giveaway

on top of my september goals, i thought i would finally share with you that haven’t already ‘liked’ my new Facebook page.

i started it a few months ago but haven’t really done a whole lot with it besides letting everyone know when i do new blogposts. so now that i can breathe … lets do a GIVEAWAY! and start paying more attention to this little corner my photography has in the facebook world. i will be updating this with all my business adventures more so than with my personal facebook.

Here is how you enter ::

1. “Like”…

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paige :: senior

i jumped out of the car the day before to take audrey’s senior portraits and then ask, ‘who’s this?!’ to her friend standing besides her, “hi! i’m paige, you’re taking my pictures tomorrow.’ I was so excited to meet her officially and for the surprise that she tagged along with audrey! it was so fun and we got to know eachother while snapping away at audrey. the next day we met downtown grand rapids and picked up where we left off. talked about her passion for dancing and how it fills up her days and nights pretty quick.

today is…

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