Leah Mullett Photography

August, 2011

marissa :: senior

we knew we wanted more of a ‘country’ look to show marissa’s personality in her senior photos. ‘queen’s lace’ she mentioned over the phone … moment of silence … ‘you know, the white flower in the fields of tall grass?! you’ve shot in it before … ” OHHHH thats what its called. had no idea. [one of my few blonde moments] . my little sister brittany had played softball and won the state championship with marissa covering first base, so i had heard her name tossed around throughout games. she’s super pumped for her varstiy year in softball with hudsonville…

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alyshia :: senior

giggling, laughing … we did it all the night we took some pictures of alyshia. her friend amanda tagged along and sure did help make alyshia laugh. fortunately there is no such thing as too much laughing when it comes to me taking pictures of someone. i love laughs. i love the REAL person coming out and shining through in their photographs. thats always what i shoot for while shooting … just show who they are. it didn’t take long for her to open up and even though i barely knew her, i could tell the real alyshia was in…

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stephanie + ryan :: engagement

i’ve heard a lot of stories of how the couple met. and i love every single one. but i would never forget stephanie & ryan’s. they were sooo meant to be together. growing up in the northern peninsula of michigan, he was recruited down to grand valley as a cross country runner. he obviously has mad skills. ryan roomed with one guy and met his girlfriend named stephanie. he then roomed with a different guy in college, and met his ‘new’ girlfriend … stephanie … finally when she figured it out … it wasn’t all these other guys she was…

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alive and well

today has been an awesome productive day. gotta love those. i’m finishing up work for the day and going to try to concentrate on my family tonight but before i walk away from this huge pile of work i’m behind on, i thought i should blog and tell the world hello. hello and i’m still alive and well. august is coming to an end in a few days and i cannot believe i made it through it, with a smile on my face. five weddings in one month was a lot for me. i’m constantly being reminded that we are…

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jake + megan :: wedding

it blows my mind how all the weddings i’ve been doing lately are so different. i love it. the people, location, ideas, guests … so unique in their own ways. tara and i headed to charlevoix for jake and megan’s northern michigan wedding at castle farms and we couldn’t have been more excited. we got a fun road trip and a good nights sleep before the big day and showed up to what might have been my most relaxed bridal party ever.

back in high school, he liked her, she liked him … but no one knew or said anything….

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in my element

when it rains it pours. for me, this old saying hits home the past few weeks. when i look at my planner in the early months of the year with snow still on the ground i know what to expect. i know its going to be crazy and i’m ready for it. i really am. then i blink and august is here. all those wedding dates, meetings with the brides, emails back and forth … all for THIS day and we’re here. its crazy. i can’t believe my weekend in chicago is done and i’m approaching my double header weekend…

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isaiah :: senior

i’m not sure why i took isaiah’s senior portraits, i mean … in my mind, he is still ten. my brain will not accept the fact that he is a senior! i’m working on convincing myself though. even though i remember isaiah being a ‘little’ boy … he’s actually quite larger than me now. i’m feeling old at the ripe age of twenty four.

isaiah’s sister courtney graduated last year and i also got the chance to capture this exciting time in her life. check those out HERE for a little reminder.

ginny [isaiah’s mom and family friend] tagged along…

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year four of marriage

the last few days the thought has been going through my mind like crazy. where, oh where did the four years go? i go back to that day and try to remember the feeling in the pit of my stomach before i walked down the aisle and married my best friend. i would love to go back and tell myself all the good things that were to come in the first few years or marriage but what fun would that have been. its sad when i hear of young women wanting to get married just for the sake of ‘being…

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piper :: one year

i cannot believe this lil peanut turned a year old on saturday when it seems like yesterday that i shot her newborn session. i don’t want to sound like a broken record but time just absolutely flies. i can still remember sitting in class and watching the ‘seconds’ hand move oh so slowly and crossing off the days in my planner until summer break, and now … like all the adults in my life told me i would, i want it to slow down. i’m sure that is how jeff and carey feel too about piper growing up but then…

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emily + adam :: engagement

he kept coming into her work and she knew what he was up to. so finally she just asked him, do you want to take me out?! when i think of this night that we met and shot some engagement pictures, i immidiatly start sweating. it was one of those days that was over 100 degrees and we were ROAST’N. but we managed to enjoy the night and get some of this fun couple laughing at eachother, sharing stories, and so in love.

i officially met emily when she put a featherlock in my hair a few months ago. of…

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