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July, 2011

sherri + alex :: wedding

sherri and alex have one of the cutest ‘how we met’ stories. both counselors at a youth christian camp, they started hanging out. singing, praising the lord, talking about life, its like a movie. i can just see them starring at eachother from across the room full of kids singing and smiling at eachother as they sing. it was one of those … i had no idea he liked me and same thing is what alex said. instead of asking sherri out on a date, he asked her to meet his family. nothing like jumping right in. sherri then kinda…

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friday favorites

this week was suppose to be a vacation week … i successfully had monday the fourth off and tuesday but the rest of the week i haven’t been doing a good job of staying away from work. whoops. the fourth was amazing on torch lake, thee most beautiful lake in michigan. we were on the water for over twelve hours and the fireworks were crazy good. matthew and i had such an amazing time together and although we missed zoey, we extended the weekend in northern michigan and relaxed a little.

friday favorites is turning into being one of my…

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july 2011 goals

i didn’t even realize while writing my june goals out that it had officially been a year that i had been doing this monthly goals post here on the blog. thats crazy. july is actually my slower month out of this summer and it couldn’t have come at a better time. i needed a little break and some me time. we have a lot of fun things planned and i’m starting out the month with a mini vacation and spending some time at our family’s cabin, boating on torch lake, baldwin, irons, and riding horse. maybe i can start…

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:: friday favorites ::

its that time again. the end of the week, and a few weekends off for me. my summer will be celebrated in those short weeks. 🙂 this past week was full of meetings, shoots, dinner plans, working out …. here are some of my faves …



favorite summer drink :: strawberry


favorite celebrity :: i am somewhat of a celeb junkie i will admit … can you believe hugh hefner’s fiance called off the wedding a few days before?! pff … i know! lately i’m loving kourtney kardashian and by lately i mean ever since she became…

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