Leah Mullett Photography

June, 2011

april + clayton :: engagement

it was just over a year ago that april and clayton met through mutual friends. later that night clayton asked april out on a date … to see our local baseball team the white caps … with his parents. yup. first date, with the parents. april in her head laughed and told herself there was now way i am going with him and his parents for our first date, and then said yes. thats how she is. so sweet and always wanting to please others and she said she just couldn’t say no to his face. he is just too…

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sister time is important. and i love it. i have some amazing friends but i can’t think of me letting loose and being silly like i am with my sisters. we are weird together, plan ‘ole weird. my mother often shakes her head when around us. one part of my job that i have a love/hate relationship with is scouting. you see, i love driving, especially out in the country. but then you have to add in the looking and searching for that amazing unique spot that no one else has seen the beauty of and then figure out how…

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june 2011 goals


i just love the grilling, long days, busy summers, sunshine. i love being able to sit outside and spend time with my husband and dog while catching some rays. monday was memorial day and the perfect kick off to summer. we grilled, shot guns, rode horse, played with kittens in the grass, listened to my brother play guitar and sing … while of course working on a little tan. i enjoyed driving home with the windows down and my hair-a-blow’n. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it a million times, i love the season change. its so…

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sarah + dan :: wedding

the day couldn’t have gone more perfect. with a wedding planner like sarah’s mom dawn, it was bound to be beautiful and well thought out. sarah and dan got ready at the amway grand hotel in grand rapids where everything was calm and the energy was contagious. when i first arrived to the girls room every single one of them were glowing and excited for the day to finally be here. dan’s room was a little more quite but still very excited and thankful for all the notes they had all over their room telling them things like, do not…

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