Leah Mullett Photography

June, 2011

leaving inspired

yesterday katie touzel and i headed to chicago. i never knew someone existed out there that liked to talk more than i did … and then i met katie. the three hours flew by so fast and although road trips are my favorite and i love listening to music … i don’t think we ‘actually’ listened to one song on the way down there. just too much to talk about. the business, inspirations, our goals, friends, family, and life. we wanted to sneak in a few hours of shopping, mainly with urban outfitters on our foreheads. we parked the car…

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leigh + trevor :: engagement

leigh and trevor are such a fun couple and their engagement session might be one of my favorites to date. it could possibly be because i got to ride around in a hot rod all night … or just because these two are a riot. my fruz, randi introduced me to leigh a while back and i couldn’t be more thankful that she did. whats a fruz you say? well its a cousin aka cuz + friend = fruz. and randi is one of my best fruz’es and i’m so glad she introduces me to fun people that i get…

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facebook hacked

well hello blog. so nice to see that you are still here fully-intact …

some people need to get a life! someone hacked my facebook account so please bare with me as i try to get it running again ๐Ÿ™‚ until then … contact me through here if needed! hope you all had a great day! mine was awesome!

and meet my MINI ME … my niece Irelyn … i love her. isn’t it crazy how your kids can look like your siblings?!



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andrea + todd :: wedding

its always so fun for me when i get to shoot a friends wedding. what is even cooler is the fact that i wasn’t really friends with them until they booked me, and then our friendship began. since i met andrea and todd both have become near and dear to my heart. they’ve invited me into their ‘group’ of friends with open arms and i couldn’t feel more blessed to have these new friends. it started with max and cassie [i went to college with cassie] and slowly we were invited to more ‘get togethers’ and matthew and i have…

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my rock

its here. oh the busy season i always beg for. i scratch one thing of my list and the feeling of happiness and accomplishment floods me and then i add eight more things to the list. dang. sure, some days i get overwhelmed and a tad bit stressed out and then i remember how happy i am that i am busy. this is me. this is leah. busy. i love it. so although i constantly am feeling like i should be cleaning or blogging or editing and i haven’t worked out yet today … oh and look at the sun…

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mallory + ben :: engagement

most of the time, it takes a few minutes to get to know a couple after first meeting them and for them to warm up to you. but meet mallory and ben who are not like most. within seconds ben walked up to me acting like we had known eachother for years, and i loved it. there are just people out there you feel comfortable being around and that is these two. mallory is super sweet and ben is something else ๐Ÿ˜‰ mallory will never have to worry about a dull moment after marrying this guy. i’m pretty sure i…

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ashley + dave :: wedding

ashley and dave’s wedding was at the beautiful bay point inn on gun lake. its crazy how one weekend is sooo hot and the next is a bit chilly but that’s michigan for you. they were married on june 4 and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful, or hot. not a cloud in the sky, they started getting ready in seperate rooms and then met right in front where in a few hours they would be married. everyone was so excited for these two, but yet so calm and just happy the day was finally here. it is pretty…

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exhausted but happy

i can not get over this picture and stop laughing. for those wedding photographers out there you know exactly what i’m talking about … you see, i have had a few different jobs in my day. waitress, interior design, scrapbook store, salesperson, clothing stores, even ones with full out physical labor to name a few but shooting a wedding takes some endurance. you are so go go all day and mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the night. this is often times how we feel …

[note :: this is a dramatization]

haha. love it.

but of…

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:: friday favorites ::

wow. seriously. friday?! i have NO IDEA where this week went. more blogposts are to come next week because this week just went by too fast. a wedding, an engagement session, and a family. can’t wait to share them but for now i’ll leave you with my favorites from the week …


favorite make-up brand ::

favorite summer dress ::

favorite new artist :: sara bareilles. loving her stuff lately. my favorite … ‘say your sorry’ and ‘uncharted’


favorite crowd booster:: this is hard to categorize but i just love doing fun DIFFERENT things…

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:: friday favorites ::

i still haven’t come to terms that it is June 2011 yet .. have you?! it just seems like life is flying by. i’ve been blogging away if you haven’t noticed, trying to break them up into different days but lately it just works out that a few posts a day is what i’m doing. also been working on branding my business and need to make more time for that, along with working on getting my bikini body ready for this summer, spending time with matt, shooting lots of portrait sessions and weddings, and having fun. i love being busy…

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