Leah Mullett Photography

February, 2011

frequent flyer

las vegas, san diego, phoenix, then florida. yes yes … i’ve been spoiled. even though my first 3 cities were dedicated to work … i still thoroughly enjoyed seeing what the other states have to offer. its amazing how much there is yet to see. this past weekend i headed down to st. petersburg, florida to visit my grandpa and grandma with my two sisters. it was us 3 girls staying with them and we had a blast. yes mom … we actually all got along and made some pretty fun memories … even though it was only for a…

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february 2011 goals

the month of love. i love it … this winter has been so amazing to me so far and i just want to keep growing in every way possible. business and in my personal self growth. lately i’ve been taking a lot of trips and time for myself to learn and grow and its been amazing. i’ve also been becoming stronger and stronger in being WHO I AM and not what others want me to be. something i truly believe in with my blog is putting my life out there and being completely honest with my readers and i will…

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