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December, 2010

happy new year

i knew it was bad when my little sister mentioned to me that i hadn’t blogged since the beginning of december. the fact that she noticed and told me made me realize that i have been MIA for a while now. sorry, there is an excuse behind it of course. I’ve just wanted to be disconnected for a bit. I’ll explain later. And once again, I’m not logging on here to post a nice long post but just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m heading up north again and wanted to just quick post this and let everyone know…

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ryan + mary :: engagement

i’ve always set goals for myself and pushed myself to achieve them. i’m a dreamer, hence the fact that i have ‘dream’ tattooed on my wrist. i just love looking at what COULD happen or MIGHT happen and trying my very hardest to achieve it. i love the challenge. although, i do realize that goals are just a great motivation for us, but that really its just a matter of getting excited about what we’re doing. its just basically me doing the best i can at organizing my thoughts, wishes, and dreams. at the beginning of the year when i…

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:: happy december ::

does any other michigander find it crazy that its 50 degrees outside on November 30 and December 1 comes around and we get a few inches of snow?! I love it. some michiganders complain about the snow and i like to be an optimistic person. sure the driving slows down a bit [and we all know i don’t like to drive slow] but i just love the season changes. not to mention the snow is gorgeous. i love it when people make small conversation and are like … how about that weather and then they complain about it ……

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courtney & morgan :: anytime

why hello there blog. yes yes, its been forever. but i am full of excuses! don’t you worry … life has been a little crazy lately. of course it always is but along with the holiday and spending time with family, i have been working my butt off on catching up and doing some much needed things in my life that have been totally neglected lately. not to mention all my crazy dreams i have for this business and there are some exciting new things happening around here and in my life. enough of my life though, that will have…

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