Leah Mullett Photography

November, 2010

stacey + aaron :: wedding

i love meeting new people. when i met stacey a few years ago, we struck up a friendship right away. only later to find life pulling us in different directions. i knew someday we would reconnect and sure enough we did. stacey contacted me soon after she had gotten engaged to this mystery man named aaron. i was so excited to hear she had fallen in love, it had been so long since we last talked.

we met end of the summer and shot their engagement shoot and i felt like i never stopped hanging out with this girl. and…

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happy weekend

what’s coming monday …. this gorgeous couple

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hello everyone. and happy thursday. almost there … to the weekend. which doesn’t mean much for me this week because i’ve been working non-stop for the past week. like seriously … not doing ANYTHING but working. it feels good to make some headway but then again, its easy to start to feel like there is no end to the tunnel. i’ll get there though. periodical phone calls to matt for a boost me up is necessary but always helps push me forward.

things are going to slow way down for me soon and i couldn’t be more ready for it….

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matt + amanda :: engagement

over a year ago i met matt for the first time, and reunited with amanda after high school. i also had the honor of meeting their little one, mason. we attempted to photograph mason at about a year old and of course had fun chasing him around and laughing how he wanted to put everythingggg in his mouth! amanda has always been sooo sweet about my work and always talked about one day having me as her wedding photographer. but they weren’t engaged yet … so we just smiled and hoped one day it would happen.

here we are!…

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mary :: senior

after shooting steve + sadie’s wedding i received an email asking me to go back up to elk rapids and shoot some senior portraits for a girl named mary. mary was explained to be … the perfect farmer’s wife. i was so excited to meet her … oh and of course drive up there. i’m not sure what it is, and don’t get me wrong … there are so many nice woman around here and i meet new ones everyday but there is something about the woman in northern michigan. i feel like they are so laid back and welcoming….

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as i continue to find myself through this business and shape it to represent me … i’ve noticed that i appreciate the full out edited picture but its not me. when showing my work to everyone, i like to have consistency and simpleness in my photographs. realness i guess. i always say i’m simple. what you see is what you get. if you love my work and my images, then i can guarantee you will love your pictures if you hire me. i’m like that with a lot of things in life. transparent. in fact, i really opened up today…

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smith family :: portraits

a few weeks ago i photographed my cousin kevin, his wife kasha, and their two boys parker and hunter. we drove around the country totally clueless of where to go for our family shoot. yes, usually i come prepared. i think i said that in my last post. but this time … it was different. i thought, hey … i saw this field a few days ago that was amazing, lets just start driving there and see what catches our eye. well after getting their and getting out of our car, we started walking into the field and my cousin…

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alex + sherri :: engagement

it all depends on how we connected but after talking over the phone, emails, meeting in person … i usually have a pretty good idea where i want to shoot my client’s engagement pics. every once in a while … i run into prepared people that know what they want. i met with sherri at one of my favorite coffee/lunch spots, signatures in hudsonville. she had ideas for their shoot and after hearing their story i was so excited. it was perfect.

after counseling together at camp geneva for a summer here in holland … they both liked eachother, but…

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3.5 years it took us to go on another vacation alone since our honeymoon. way to long. i’m not sure really why it took us this long to realize we need to get away but it did. after months of asking where we should go … colorado, california, canada, montana,  las vegas … ?! we finally decided to just see some things in michigan we haven’t experienced yet. so many friends and family recommended we visit traverse city and mackinaw island before we went out of state so we took their suggestions and checked it out. amazing. absolutely amazing. what…

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aren :: senior

meet aren. my new found friend. of course we got paired together from family friend’s, brother’s daughter, blah blah long story … or something like that. [ha] aren is so sweet and at first a little shy, but after spending only an hour with her … her fun personality shines through. immediately i can tell aren is very mature for her age and very responsible. she has plans to go to college and be a graphic designer and after hearing those words, i had an idea. oh great. i know… aren and i will be meeting later this week to…

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