Leah Mullett Photography

September, 2010

taylor :: senior

you know those things called man crushes? well … matt totally has a man crush on taylor’s dad, Scott. like bad. he came home from deer camp … or maybe it was one of his many snowmobile trips and all he could talk about was this man named scott. after meeting him … i understood matt’s man crush. scott is awesome and so is his family who I had the opportunity to meet here in holland where they stay almost every weekend in the summer. they are from a town near lansing so holland is a regular visit for them…

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piper jo :: newborn

piper is a bit of a diva. i’m not sure what my special touch is but if you want your newborn to stay awake for hours on end … invite me over. i’m not going to lie … newborns and small children are hard to photograph. you have all these amazing cute ideas and props and if they’re not going to sleep or cooperate … you better figure something else out. i was so excited to meet little piper though, and capture some images of her only 2 weeks old and around her new life settings. piper is the first…

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aaron + stacey :: engagement

the thing i struggle most when working on a blog post is picking the pictures to put up here. isn’t that sad. out of everything … i stress way to much about it. add it to the list, i’m working on it. this post is no exception. i seriously have been sitting here for almost 30 minutes just starring not sure how to cut any of the pictures out and not share them with you. i just love this couple. i say that a lot don’t i … sorry … but … ilovethiscouple

“i am not photogenic at all” is…

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:: happy september ::

colorful leaves, pumpkin spice latte’s, cool fall weather … oh I’m so ready for this. I love summer but lately I’m really loving fall. I think it started happening after I got married and have my own house to decorate. Fall is so fun to decorate for in your house. I just love it. The candles … oh the candles … they smell so good! I love change. And fall is just that … change. I recently read that fall is actually the best time to make new goals and resolutions … not new years like everyone thinks. It…

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where do i start with a couple like this. i love them. shana and i met back in the day when she used to hang out with a friend of a friend and somehow we got connected and loved eachother. fast forward a few years later and this gal gives me a call asking me to photograph her wedding! ummm OF COURSE! after months and months of planning … we kept in touch but i never got the chance to meet the lucky man, bob. he worked out of town … in tennessee. construction worker?! nope. truck driver?! i think…

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