Leah Mullett Photography

September, 2010


i know, i know. i need to stop with the previews but i’m dying over this picture of the beeeautiful mackenzie. and its so stunning by itself.

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a little bit of emma

meet emma jo. coming soon.

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Courtney V :: Senior

i loved growing up with cousins that are the same age. my cousins randi and kaleigh are just months apart from me … of course i’m right dab in the middle. sure we had our arguements and times when we only liked one or the other but all in all … i feel very blessed that i had these two family members as really close friends. randi actually stood up in my wedding and in my cousin kaleigh’s last friday. to this day us three girls are very close and its just so nice having family as friends. especially lately…

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just a little heads up that courtney is almost ready to make her dabue on the blog tonight! i’m running out the door because my BFF is getting married tomorrow! so i should probably go help her set up … or i’m going to loose my awesome bridesmaid status. and i can’t let that happen …

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sadie + steven :: wedding. part one

its no secret that i love to drive. open road and clear blue skies are my two favorite things. when people complain about driving i just don’t understand. there’s something about blasting music and driving that just clears my head. a few weeks ago i was driving up to williamsburg, mi … northern michigan and doing just that. clearing my head and so excited to be apart of a very special wedding. long story short, sadie had contacted me right when she had gotten engaged and asked if i would photograph her wedding. i had met sadie back in kalamazoo…

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krista + matt :: engagement

a few months ago i received a wedding inquiry from krista. she had found me through the one and only facebook and had also heard of me through some mutual friends. after meeting at panera bread and confirming that we were right for eachother πŸ˜‰ we were so excited to get together and for me to be able to meet the lucky man. it use to be a very common thing … blind dates. i know a lot of couples that have been married for 50 some years that met on a blind date, including my good ole grandma and…

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abby :: senior {session two}

dancing under a willow tree like no one is watching … yes please. when abby asked me to do another session of her with curly hair and dancing i was stoked. how fun is that right?! this was my first time photographing a dancer and i loved watching how beautiful, elegant, and graceful they are. abby is no exception. she is definitely gifted.

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laura :: senior

so i have this amazing friend named katie. she has been awesome enough to tell her entire family about me and my photography and i have met just about every single one of her family members. i think i have two more to meet … and then its official that i will just start attending their family get-to-gethers. πŸ˜‰

laura is one of katie’s cousins and i had so much fun meeting her along with her mom and brother downtown for some scavenger hunting and picture taking. i loved learning about color guard which is what laura devotes most of…

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i’m such a lucky gal …

matthew doesn’t tag along on sessions that often but when he does … i make him carry my shoes. πŸ˜‰ and he did such an awesome job. and looked super cute if i must add

happy monday!!!!

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ellery grace :: newborn

another newborn session. a couple fridays ago i had the honor of going from one beautiful baby to the next. 2 babies in one day. yes … it was a great day. besides the fact that the babies fought me with the whole sleeping thing. But we actually got Ellery to shut her eyes for a minute. key word minute.

meet Ellery Grace. a gorgeous baby that was born to first time parents JJ and Jenn. I love it when my clients ask me to shoot for them a second time. it means so much. i shot jenn’s maternity session…

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