Leah Mullett Photography

August, 2010


no no no … i haven’t forgotten about my  monday must haves posts … or my whole blog for that matter. life has been crazy lately. today … i’m trying to get healthy again! I’m sick … and do not have time for this! every single year … almost to the exact day, i have allergies so bad. like to the point that i use to have to hold ice on my eyes because they swell up so bad. back in the day when i sold pigs at the county fair here … 10 years of 4-H … it was…

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rebecca :: senior

rebecca comes with an amazing assistant … her cousin Cassie. that’s how we got introduced and boy am i happy we did. cassie is one of my closest friends and i was so happy when she told me about her cousin that wanted her senior portraits done. i had so much fun shooting these and lots of laughs with rebecca, cassie, and rebecca’s mom sue. we met and drove downtown where we basically went scavenger hunting for some good spots. i can’t get enough of her smirk … and serious look. she is so photogenic! i love it.

oh. not…

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abby :: senior

hello! i never thought i would ever be this busy in my life … wait … no … i did … its a normal occurrence. BUT this week was the craziest week so far this summer. I shot 7 times this week. that’s a lot for me. today is saturday and here i sit … working. its okay though, i’m actually not bitter about it because all i want to do right now is stay a-float with this work. if i have to log in a few extra hours on a saturday for my sanity, its totally worth it.


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This is going to be thee most crazy week for me so far this summer. I have sessions every night … some nights two in a row. But its going to be a blast so I just hope I can enjoy the rest of this month! August is one of my favorite months! Its probably between August and April. Last week Wednesday Matthew and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary! Pretty crazy I know. It celebration we went out for dinner and drinks and we plan to take a vacation just the two of us sometime in October when…

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i love miranda lambert. and this picture reminds me of her. gotta love those airstreams.

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kristi :: maternity

We all know how much I stinkinlovematernitysessions. It all started months ago when a old high school friend of mine, Bethany … contacted me about surprising her sister with a maternity session. are you kidding me?! I think that is such a fun and unique gift idea! Something she will cherish forever … her very last pregnancy pictures. Yup, that’s right folks … this babe is her last. We think anyway … she is pretty good at having kids though. Look at her 3 gorgeous, cute, adorable girls she had already. After Matt did some convincing to try for a…

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nothing short of amazing

Three years ago today, August 11, 2007 … I made a promise. I vowed myself to the man of my dreams. I promised that I would be with him until death do us part, in front of our closest family and friends. I think back to when we were dating … two teenagers in love. Its crazy how much we’ve grown since then as people and our relationship. Some people look at younger couples getting married and think its wrong to do that so young and say, you don’t know what you want in life yet. Well I’ve been…

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charlie & monte :: the snakes

** if you feel as though you might puke when looking at images of snakes … please do not scroll down**

i promised Jalen i would do a photoshoot with both snakes and share them with you. meet monte and charlie. charlie is the one that is a wee bit bigger … like 6 foot or something. monte is the little baby, he’s pretty cute.

jalen watches charlie for the summer for school and always has a great time with her, she is really nice. and we’re like basically the same age. she’s 22, i’m 23. she has never bit…

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monday must haves

i’m starting something new here on the blog, something i hope to keep up with. i’ve seen other bloggers doing some fun things on their blog so that you can better get to know them so i thought why not. when i worked a full time job at a company, i use to hate mondays. it meant back to work. but now that i love my job and actually working for myself, its one of my favorite days of the week. just something about getting back into the mix of things after a fun weekend sounds appealing to me. must…

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abbie :: senior

when booking new clients, especially young senior girls … i always try to warn them that i am super laid back. ” its like going out with your girlfriends, just having fun and snapping some pictures” is what i always tell them. and thats exactly what it is. just some girls, hitting the town and having fun. i try not to take myself too serious, ya know … life is more fun if you relax and enjoy yourself. i use to get myself so worked up and nervous before a shoot because there is alot of pressure on me but…

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