Leah Mullett Photography

June, 2010

morgan & irelyn

Morgan and Irelyn … aka my niece and nephew. The only two I have and I can’t explain how much I love them. I always think back to the day when my sister Tara was in high school and it still blows my mind that she has two kids now! But I can’t imagine her without these two yahoo’s by her side. She’s crazy. When she told me she was pregnant again (Morgan had just turned one) I was very excited but I did laugh at her and told her she’s crazy. If she calls me in the next two…

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inspiration overload

Its true. I’m on brain overload. I wish I could make it go away sometimes (preferably when I am trying to sleep) … my creativity … but it won’t. I have so many ideas, inspirations, crafts, dreams … I wish I could do it all and I’m working on telling myself I can’t. I just recently purchased Millie Holloman’s get it together kit and I’m loving it so far. Exactly what I needed. I met Millie at the Love Affair workshop in Atlanta, GA last summer and she is very inspiring. How she does it all … I’ll never know….

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Alexa :: maternity

Holy comments people! I love all the love I got from Marshall and Ashley’s engagement session! It was so nice reading all your kind words. Like I said in the last post, I love love and just photographing couples that are madly in love, but my next favorite would have to be maternity sessions. I love baby bumps! Aren’t they just so precious … not to mention just amazing! I know some people don’t think pregnancy is amazing but I’m just blown away by the awesomeness of God when it comes to babies! I actually was lucky enough to be…

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Marshall + Ashley : Engagement

Seriously, I just love “LOVE”. Engagement sessions are one of my favorite sessions to photograph. Not only is it a great time for me to get to know the couple and how they interact with one another but for them to get to know me. I love to talk (who woulda thought) and watch the couple slowly get comfortable being in front of the camera and sink into their “norm” and then they start showing the love. Marshall and Ashley were exactly this. A tad bit shy at first but once they realized that my camera doesn’t bite … I…

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I know I’ve been missing in action lately and let me tell you it has been a crazy week! Meeting with brides, emails, sessions … and today I babysat my nephew and niece while trying to organize my harddrives. TGIF NIGHT! Here is a sneak peek of Marshall and Ashley’s engagement session! I’m so excited about this shoot because it was my very first shoot RAW! And I’m loving it! More to come soon! Have a great weekend everyone!

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happy june

I know its June 2 but it took me a day to come to the grips that it really is June 2010. I feel like the year just started! We’re almost halfway done. Its so crazy how fast time really does fly. Its been a couple months since I quit my full time job and I couldn’t be happier with the progress and growth I’ve been making. I feel so blessed with all the support I’ve had and not to mention the weddings and portrait sessions that I’ve booked. I am really trying to tip toe my way back…

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