Leah Mullett Photography

May, 2010

Kenlee : 6 months

I was so excited when I got an email from Kelly asking me to photograph her ADORABLE little girl, Kenlee. Of course she smiled soooo pretty when daddy was there to make her giggle, and then after he left … she was done. Just from spending an hour or so with her, I can tell she is a daddy’s girl! While taking pictures, I mentioned to Kelly that I just LOVE the name Kenlee. What I love more is hearing a story that goes with a name. I personally am named after my   great grandmother Leah and her husband…

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Jamey + Kaleigh : Engagement

I’ve known Kaleigh since she was born. Why you ask, well she’s my cousin. 7 months after I arrived, Kaleigh did. Our moms are sisters. Along with being cousins growing up, we were best friends, attached at the hip! I won’t go into how Kaleigh introduced me to some bad habits, but I will talk about how happy I am that she found Jamey. It takes a lot to work with your soon to be husband, but somehow they have figured it out and I admire them for that. They are so stink’n cute because they work on Jamey’s farm…

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leather and motors

leather and motors. We were surrounded by them this past weekend. Yes, I have a couple different ‘sides’ to me. This is one of them, motorcycles. We rode our crotch rocket up to the blessing of the bikes that is held in Baldwin, Michigan. If you haven’t ever been there, its crazy. Thousands of bikes show up every year to get their bikes blessed. We stayed at my dad’s cabin that is in the middle of no where and had such a blast. It was either our third or fourth time going … we’re not sure. On our way back…

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Birthday Girl

Many of you think I have a problem, and maybe I do. Yes, I’m obsessed with my dog. Its just that she brings so much joy to my life! If anyone has a dog out there, I think they can agree with me. Matthew and I got the best wedding gift from my amazing mother in law, Lori. I remember driving home with her on my lap and thinking … what did we get ourselves into?!? Most of our family members thought we were dumb to take on yet another responsibility while being engaged and only a month and half…

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