Leah Mullett Photography

April, 2010

Inspiration for the blog : Personal

I have to keep telling myself that it is a work in progress.  Branding is harder than I thought it would be. For years I’ve been thinking of how I want to display myself and my business and I have so many ideas.  While working full time and shooting part time, I was so swallowed up by working on pictures, I never got the chance to really brand my business and now that its the real deal, I’ve been plugging away at it.  I knew I wouldn’t be too busy this spring/summer with weddings because last fall I turned down…

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Coltan :: Senior

We met last week to take some senior pictures for Coltan.  He is a senior at Freedom Baptist High School and I was so happy Denise asked me to shoot some pictures for them.  I had never met Coltan, but as soon as I saw him and his mother, we figured out that we did know each other through many different ways, such a small world.  He was soooo photogenic if you can’t tell from the pictures!  Once I started shooting, I knew we were going to get some great stuff!  I had so much fun Thank you so much…

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Max & Cassie :: Wedding

I am so excited to be posting this wedding on here!  Not only is it my first wedding of the year and doing this full time, it is very close to my heart because of a friendship.  Cassie and I struck up a our friendship in college and I was sooo honored when she asked me to be apart of her special day with Max.  I booked this wedding over a year ago so when I started rebooking this full time, Cassie was so happy because that meant she didn’t have to wait for the long turn around time that I…

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Uh oh.

Matthew, if you’re reading this … I think I’m getting that shopping urge again. As I play online, here I am on facebook and photo blogs and I find my hand moving the mouse and all of a sudden I end up on some fashion website, shopping website … Oh snap. I’ve been doing soooo good lately with my shopping after the job change and I just realized that … well … its SAD how much clothes I have and I can’t even fit anymore in my closet. But with my birthday coming TOMORROW all I want is new clothes,…

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The Journey.

Go.go.go.  The story of my life.  For the past six years, I feel like my life has been in fast forward.  Don’t get me wrong … I’ve been happy and enjoying it and am very proud of myself for my accomplishments in the past few years but now that I’ve quit my job and am trying to build this business up basically starting from scratch, I have to remind myself that I need to slow down!  Matthew of course is my rock and helps me so much with this.  I am a true believe that opposites attack.  He is laid back…

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Abbey : Portrait

We all are guilty of it.  Loosing touch with great friends.  Abbey and I became friends in college and then … nothing.  She moved to Mount Pleasant to continue onto her Bachelors in Interior Design and I went and started working at Lamar.  It wasn’t until about a year ago that she randomly called me.  She needed an internship and of course I made something happen and our renewed friendship began.  Obviously, I was an amazing boss.  : )  We did work! I swear!  But we did have a lot of fun too!  Her mom lives in Sand Lake so often…

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