Leah Mullett Photography

October, 2009

Max & Cassie : Engagement

While sitting in class, bored at college … Cassie would always make it more interesting. I can’t believe where I lives have gone only 2 years after graduating!!! I remember when she first started dating Max and how excited she was that she met such a nice guy!! When they first started dating, she always had this glow to her, and I’m so happy for her that she still has that in love “glow” after being with him for three years. That is how I just know they will be so happy together!

We met after work at headed out…

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Jonah : Baby

Meet my little second cousin … Jonah. Isn’t he precious?!?

Sunday afternoon Matthew and I slowly made our way to our cousin’s house Nate & Emily. They have a beautiful daughter named Cailyn who is now 3. She was actually one of the first babies that I ever photographed! She loves being a big sister and was very eager to help with pictures!!! And show me her room, of course.

Aren’t they like the cutest family ever?!?! When Matthew and I first started dating, Emily was that friend at the family get to-gethers for me. Right away she made me feel…

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