Leah Mullett Photography

September, 2009

Danae : Senior

College was definitely not the highlight in my life, but the one thing I can say from it is that I did meet a lot of great people. It’s crazy how it all happens. When I think back of how I met these awesome young women and how we became friends. I really don’t remember how my college “bubble” got started but it consisted of Cassie, Heather, Sam, Abbey, Katie, (until she left us!) and myself! Not only were they all so inspiring in many ways, it was crazy how different out personalities were and how much fun we had…

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Brittany : Senior

Lets me honest … there are a lot of “perks” of having me as a sister, a lot of great qualities … one being that you get pictures, all the time, and a lot of them. ; )

Meet my little sister Brittany. Isn’t she gorgeous?!! Even though her nickname is the big “B” (which stands for many things), she is a blast to hang out with! She has been my assistant over the past couple weeks and has been doing such a good job. She can make just about anyone laugh! Along with Tara, she is also good at…

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Lexi : Senior

 4 Silly girls went out on an adventure yesterday … Leah, Brittany, Rhonda, & Lexi … and boy did we have a blast! Between Rhonda not feeling “comfortable” (we’ll just say) and the leaves that felt like bats and the confusing stories … we laughed a lot. I always have a lot of fun when I’m with these girls! Lets just say we giggle a lot. The quote of the night “Oh … I only know Harry” … when we were taking about Twilight (there is no Harry in Twilight) It’s okay Rhonda … we still love you even though…

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Vruggink : Family

How do I always get some awesome clients?! The Vruggink Family were sooo fun to photograph! Rachel actually booked me last year!! She was so excited to get them done and that made me even more excited to do them! Not only were Dawson and Dodge awesome … so was her hubby Doug! Sorry guys but sometimes I run into guys not being excited about getting their picture taken and they complain and don’t smile nice … it’s a fact. Ask any photographer … but Doug was awesome and very outgoing! Their family made me so excited to have one…

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Samantha : Senior

Okay I admit … I have a pretty amazing job here at Lamar and also doing photography … its what I love. BUT I must say … babysitting three little girls for the summer and laying out at the pool relaxing and having fun with them wasn’t too bad either. I babysat Samantha, Mackenzie, and Delaney for 3 summers when I was in high school and the memories will always stick with me. Not only was it about the best shape I was ever in because these girls are so athletic, but we had so much fun together! I remember…

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