Leah Mullett Photography

August, 2009

Christine :: Senior

I am bound and determined today. To get caught up. To lay by the pool and enjoy the sun beating on my skin and maybe giving me a wrinkle. Gross … okay I’ll wear sunscreen but you get my point. Zoey even told me that she really wants to go play with Keno, so I’m trying.

Always an adventure … Samantha, Brittany, Christine, and myself set out to shoot Christine … with a camera that is. Little did we know that Leah forgot to get gas before we left. So there we sit … 4 girls on the side of…

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Felicia :: Senior

Two words come to mind when I think of Felicia …. “wait … what?”

Once again, meet one of my little sisters friends. She has a lot of them, not sure how but she does and I was lucky enough to photograph a lot of them. Picture this … 3 girls in short jean country girl shorts walking around the mission downtown Grand Rapids, yeah, not pretty. We were totally not prepared for that. We had so much fun between getting watched by cows, Brittany running on hay bails all weird like, and sitting in a homeless chair. Oh, and we…

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Kaylee : Senior

Laying in bed right now snuggle’n with Matt and Zoey I thought I should quick post some pictures from Kaylee’s senior session. I took some of her and her cousin Sarah, which I’ll post more later. I have a lot of catching up to do this week and then of course more pictures to take to get even more behind! I’m excited though! I need to go to bed so I can start the week off good and tackle some things at my house, work, and the photo business …

Oh and I have to say it was my little brother’s…

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Yes, it’s true. I’m over my head with work.

I fell in love with this picture of Samantha that I took last night. I have so many sessions to share and stories! Stay tuned.

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