Leah Mullett Photography

July, 2009

Reporting to Ya’ll from Georgia

Just can’t seem to get my butt into bed while I’m here at the workshop in Georgia! I will post a full post soon talking about this AMAZING experience I’ve had here but wanted to share one of my favorite images from the shoot today! This was my very first time shooting in manual mode and I think I did okay and I also learned a lot of editing tricks! Good Night!!!! (Ya’ll) However you spell it … that’s what everyone says around here! It’s cute and catchie!!!!

More to come soon!!!

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The Arens : Portraits

Butterflies in my tummy … why? I mean come on, I’m going on VACATION! I know I had a mini vacation not that long ago, so yes, I’m spoiled but that was just Friday night – Sunday afternoon! This vacation is a full out 5 day vacation! The Love Affair Workshop is going to be amazing! Holla! I can’t wait! But yes, I’m nervous!

The past few days I’ve been running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything done before I leave for a week. At Lamar, home, and the photography side of things. I hate leaving. I…

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Rest and Relaxation

I can’t complain about life the past few weeks. I’ve been super busy as always but really happy with my choice to slow down my life compared to last summer. My mini vacation with Danae was amazing! We stayed at her in-law’s cottage on Lake Michigan and the private beach is like my new favorite thing! Our hubbies and Landen came up the following day which was a blast too! The sound of waves crashing on the sand is the most relaxing sound ever!!! I did a lot of thinking (as always) and listening to my ipod of course! And…

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Beer & Bikini

Life has been telling me that it’s time to take a mini vacation.

A girls weekend.

Book. Beach. Swim. Layout. Beer. Bikini. Friend.

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Jared & Ivana : Engaged

This is the story of when a city girl met a country boy. They met at Tech Center in high school. Her taking care of babies while he was getting all greased up in diesel class. Ivana would take the children for a walk around the campus and let them see the semi’s, where Jared was working. Eventually they had this one toddler that was attached to both Ivana and Jared.

She passed him in the hallway at school when he yelled out, “How’s our kid?” Ivana said she was a little freaked out but thought it was kind of cute because…

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