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Hello little blog. I absolutely love writing & blogging all together and I definitely need to make it a priority and more time for this space of mine. It was a crazy busy summer as always, I can’t believe FALL is right around the corner which means so is the birth of this sweet babe!

I honestly have been just taking some time the past year and really focusing on being ‘present’ with my children. Along with getting settled into our new home, purging, organizing, oh and growing a baby all awhile keeping two toddlers alive. So more so those last two things verses the first few things I listed. I of course am always snapping photos of them, just never have time to share on the blog.

So many things are changing in life though. My journey with photography has been pretty crazy when I really think about it. I absolutely love it but what I have wanted more than anything else in life is a family & children. I am so thankful for these little babes and have been continuing shooting weddings throughout the years of having babies, every year less and less as I add in more kiddos. Makes sense right? Last fall was pretty rough for me in the photo department, with the move, living with my parents and still trying to figure out how to work from home with two toddlers on my own drove me into a pretty dark time. I was staying up super late trying to edit [sometimes never sleeping], then waking super early trying to be the best mom I could be. I was run down big time. Super unhealthy. I felt like God was calling me to take a break and focus on my children and being a mother. But I wasn’t sure if that was just me wanting that or what he wanted me to do. I prayed about it for months. We moved, Christmas and the new year came, and a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant with our third. It was my clear sign from God, this is where I’m at in life right now and to enjoy it and focus on this. I was super content with that and scared shitless happy.

I had met with a bride 2 days before I found out I was pregnant to discuss her Mexico wedding in December which I was so so pumped about. I had not had the opportunity in my years of doing photography to go somewhere like that to photograph a wedding. So that was the only thing I was bummed about, thankfully she totally understood and was very excited for us. My best friend is shooting the wedding and all is well. I definitely will be staying off social media that week though probably sitting on the couch with a baby on my boob trying not to think about it. Would have loved to do both but I of course am so thankful and excited for this sweet babe, I know it’ll be amazing staying home with him or her. Also telling Matthew that about his canceled Elk hunt out west. A baby and those newborn snuggles are way better and we’re going to enjoy every minute of it!

So my 2018 is going to be a very different year for me. I’m continuing to do some portrait sessions for friends, family, and past clients that I have always photographed. I’m not letting this passion go. It definitely does not define me, but I enjoy it so I am going to keep doing it! I already have several weddings I am second shooting and someday when the kiddos are older, I’d love to photograph my own weddings again. Its seriously just the editing load that I can not keep up with with two [let alone three!] little ones. Unless I did full time daycare, which Matthew and I decided against for our own personal reasons. Matthew also started a new job this year which isn’t near as flexible so scheduling sessions has been difficult. For the longest time I was confused & frustrated with what to do and what God wanted me to do, it was like all of a sudden we had a really hard month and then things lined up and it was like BAM … no doubt about it this is what is best for us right now and our growing family.

So again, I’m not DONE, I never will be. In fact I just purchased a new camera and plan on staying in the grove! I’m booked for the remainder of the year [before baby] with portrait sessions but if you’re interested in a session next year, email me at hello@leahmullett.com … would love to chat and get out of the house every so often and play with the camera and capture some photos for your family or even engagement or a just because session! Until then though, I’m focusing on finishing up my editing from 2017, shooting a few more weddings this month, and prepping for baby!!! I can’t believe he or she will be here in less than 8 weeks [fingers crossed its not like Clare with the whole two weeks late thing].

So that is where I’m at in life, and I couldn’t be happier. So so blessed and I am so so thankful. I definitely have a road in front of me figuring out how to manage 3 littles under the age of 4 but with God’s help, I’ll make it through with some awesome little human beings and a happy husband lol. So hope you all don’t mind but you’ll be seeing mostly photos of my life, kids, updates, house projects, vacations, fun times, and baby bumps on here once I can MAKE the time to blog regularly. I have been transitioning to blogging more about that anyway over the years and really enjoying it. Maybe even sharing a few tips on things I’ve learned because I love to share, I’m sure some venting sessions and a few things in between, post-pardon fun too! [ugh dreading that already]

Clare bear and I snuck outside for 10 minutes after dinner and after the sun went down to snap a few photos in front of our soybean field across our house. Yes I call these fields ours. I just love when they’re all green like that, we’re about the last one left that hasn’t turned yellow yet I swear!

She is such a little sweetheart & is loving her new unicorn! Or as she calls it … her ‘acorn’. Happy Thursday! Off to a doctors appointment to check on little Mullett #3!

xoxo, Leah

Telling the kiddos about Babe #3

Thank you so so very much for all the LOVE on the news of baby Mullett number THREE! Every single one of them made me smile so big! A few of you asked why it took so long to share and honestly, I have no real reason. Just super busy, of course I wanted to do a photo with the kiddos and Matt and with our busy schedule, my friend’s who took the photos and sicknesses … and all the poo in between, it just took awhile. Also have NOT been too motivated this pregnancy [especially the first trimester which kicked my ass] & have been loving some space to ourselves while we get settled in the new farmhouse. Not to mention, it was kind of fun just having our little secret with our families. We told our families around 12 weeks, so pretty typical there. Its been fun to see people and then they look at the bump like WHAAAAA haha, I love seeing their shocked faces! I of course had some family friends who saw me and starred but didn’t say anything in fear of putting their foot in their mouth, it was funny to confuse them as well.

I did have an opportunity of a lifetime to photograph a destination wedding in Mexico this December which thankfully the bride was totally understanding about & super excited for us. I met with her two days before finding out I was pregnant. I was so bummed I could not do it but obviously this is also a lifetime adventure that I am beyond thankful for. Part of me thought I could have the baby and still shoot it but once I told my family, they were thankfully honest with me and told me they didn’t think it was a good idea. So my BFF will be shooting it & I’ll just stay off social media that week while I’m pouting on the couch [in the cold] while breastfeeding but also starring down at a beautiful baby being super thankful for the amazing gift of life. Oh how I wish we could do it all though! Being a mama & woman in the work force is not an easy task! But of course, Family always comes first! That I’m for sure confident about.

I wanted to share the video I recorded when we told the kids about baby number three! Sidenote: they were super tired and it was way past their bedtimes but we wanted to tell my family the following day because my 30th birthday was approaching and of course everyone wanted to get me all crunked for my birthday, so we figured once we told Levi, the news would get out pretty fast to family and of course, Levi came through. Within 30 seconds when he saw grandpa Bruce the next day.

I was so so excited to tell the kids! Levi definitely understands as much as a three year old can, Clare I think just decided to act silly like her brother. Either way, it melts my heart!


Baby Mullett Number Three!

So happy to finally share that today I am 18 weeks + 4 days pregnant with baby Mullett number three! It has been such a crazy few weeks/months/year … its taken me forever to share on social media. We told most of our family around the twelve week mark and its been fun running into people and telling them in person.

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Even though I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy [holy cow HOW!?], it still has not really hit me yet that I’m pregnant with my THIRD baby! It is just so crazy, especially seeing at one point they told me I may never have a baby, then after infertility treatment aka our miracle little Levi … they told me we would still never get pregnant on our own and here we are, on baby number three! I have been wanting to share our infertility journey on here for years [literally years] but never have made the time to sit down & write it all down, because it is definitely a looooong story and I’m not sure where to even start. Unless you’re close friends or family of ours, most do not even know we struggled, its not that we were trying to be super private about it, we just naturally handled it that way and always tried to have hope that the Lord would bless us with children. I’ll never be able to fully explain HOW grateful I am for these three little blessings!

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So until I sit down and share the whole journey with you [which will probably be in several ‘parts/posts’] … I thought I would start blogging again & share the exciting news on here. So many things are changing for us lately & I am so so excited for every single one! We apparently like to do everything at once, move, Matthew recently started a new job, and now baby! Just how we roll.

Levi and Clare are 17 months apart, Clare and babe number three will be 28 months apart. So its nice to have a little more of a gap, but come fall … we will still have a 3 year old, 2 year old, and a newborn. Lord help me.

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So far this pregnancy is of course flying by! The exhaustion has been out of this world, I’m guessing mainly because I’m busy caring for two toddlers now too.  The first trimester I did get nauseous here and there, very similar to my other two pregnancies but not complaining at all. I however would literally fall asleep sitting up almost. I attempted naps some days in hope that I would have a burst of energy at night when I usually got things/work accomplished but to my disappointment it didn’t help at all and I still wanted to go to bed at eight. Thankfully now that I’m in the second trimester, it has gotten a lot better, still not my normal night owl self but I’ll take it. I officially POPPED big time about 2 weeks ago, thankful to be out of that ‘is she pregnant or just ate 20 donuts’ stage. Although I think I might be rocking both looks lately. This dress definitely makes the bump look way bigger than it actually is but oh so cozy. I’ll be rocking moo moo’s all summer basically.

Not being able to stay up late is usually my first sign of being pregnant and what leads me to buying a test. When I go to bed before Matthew, we know something is up. Then one morning when I look and notice we’re eating the three main things I craved the last two pregnancies … my eyes got huge and that is when I decided I better go buy a test. Matthew was actually gone snowmobiling for his birthday, it was so hard waiting a day to tell him but I knew I wanted to tell him in person. I’ll never forget his shocked/excited/shocked face. And I’m sure mine was pretty awesome too. Its so fun when you prove doctors wrong, its like, BAM, GOD is in control!

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Baby number three is expected to arrive November 4! So with my track record I could easily go well into November but hoping to stick more around my due date than I did with Clare 😉 who was born at almost 42 weeks and I was induced. But not worrying about that now, keep cooking little babe! We have our 20 week ultrasound scheduled in a few weeks and I am so so excited to see this little babe again but more so praying he or she is healthy! We are not going to find out the gender once again, we just love the surprise in the delivery room. It really is so so amazing.

xoxo, Leah

A huge THANK YOU to my BFF Alisa from Alisa Bosch Photography for taking time out of her extremely busy schedule to document this exciting time in our lives. As always, I’ll cherish these forever. My little hams.

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