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every summer my blog gets a little neglected. my personal posts become few and far between even though i have so much to share. i look at my planner today and i have one wedding to go before my much needed winter break and seventeen under my belt this year. my schedule for the months of may and june were crazy and july gave me some much needed ‘breather’ time. however, august was probably one of thee most craziest months of my life. for months i looked at my planner and wondered how i would ever make it through and now that its past and i look back on it, i think i did a great job and had so much fun with everyone i met and got to spend time with.

in august i got the opportunity to shoot a chicago wedding. when mary first contacted me i was visualizing a skyscraper city wedding but after meeting with her i got to know a bit more about where she came from and it was actually just outside of the city and in a country area in indiana. it fell on a very important weekend for both tara and i. matthew and i were married on august 11, 2007 and tara and lucas on august 13, 2005. looking back i’m not exactly sure how that happened [getting married on the same weekend two years later] because i never really wanted or meant to have the same weekend but with everyone’s schedules that year it’s just the way it worked out. i had always wanted a august wedding and my cousin was married two weeks before me so august 11 it was. after mary and i had met i called tara and brainstormed up this awesome idea to turn a working weekend into a mini anniversary trip with the four of us. we left the boys in chicago for the whole day while we shot mary and ryan’s amazing wedding and then stayed an extra few days to shop, a fancy dinner date, check out navy pier, and of course see the city. i’ve been to chicago numerous times but really had never done the touristy things … more so always went there for something, and never had time to site see.


it was super windy.

we were pretty full after our amazing dinner … and tara had no idea she had pie on her forehead until after the picture. classic.


the weekend after chicago WAS my craziest weekend in august. i shot two weddings back to back and then left after the second one at midnight and drove two and a half hours to brooklyn, michigan for what could be my favoritest thing ever … nascar.

aaron fly’n solo …

we’re the three best friends that anyone could have …

i just LOVE this pic of morgan helping us sing to jalen on his 13th birthday. too cute.

we managed to sneak in a few weekends up at the cabin and enjoyed some fresh air.

and then i got the opportunity to meet richard the duck. i love richard. probably the highlight of my summer 😉 [thanks michael]

then there was the other night when i got to be a GUEST to a wedding! it felt pretty weird but we had a blast.

i love our posse.

we had to do the prom pose.

matt aka johnny cash.

sisters <3

us girls with our momma.


labor day was spent at the cabin where we had some quality time with some long lost family friends. the dehoops. i grew up racing motocross with todd dehoop and really enjoyed spending some time with him again and his wife robyn and their two daughters mariah and kennedy. the girls are super into horses so we decided we should probably do a mini photoshoot around the cabin. and jalen tagged along too who i must say, is quite the cowboy lately.


so that is some bits and pieces, very small bits of my summer. i figured i should probably share a few things of what i’ve been up to besides shooting weddings. much love to all my readers, i hope you have a fabulous week!





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  1. Tara
    Monday, September 26th, 2011
  2. Sandy
    Monday, September 26th, 2011
    Great seeing you and Matt last weekend. Always entertaining.