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Happy Friday! today has been an awesome day so far but i’m still pretty ‘blah’ today but really wanted to share a blogpost this fine friday afternoon about my PUSH towards planning that perfect unique CREATIVE wedding. its crazy when you go to certain areas and see the ‘trends’ i guess you would call it that that area has. for example … you go out west to california and its normal to not get married until your 30’s and have kids around 30-40 years old. i often find myself getting asked when the kids are coming and when is _____ going to happen … in west michigan … things are a little different. i’m not saying its a trend … or maybe it is. i got married at a very young age and although i don’t want to take this time to justify why (yes i married for love and we were ready after dating a very long time) but more so look back on when i was planning my wedding how although things were very different even 3 1/2 years ago … how i wasn’t as confident in my style as i am now. so we run into that a lot around these parts … brides often times are in their young 20’s and A. have so much going on in their life and B. don’t know where to even start with planning their wedding and decor because they haven’t really thought about it yet and of course we have C. are not creative people.

oh yes, i hear it all. thats why i try to help my brides and push them to really dig deep into their along with their groom to find their personalities and what makes them different and who they are. over the years i can honestly say i’m blown away by the amazing people i have met and love love love seeing their personality shine through on their wedding day. how do you dress? what do you do in your spare time? what one decor word would you choose to describe yourself? classic? vintage? simple? colorful? neutral? outdoorsy? There has to be something you can showcase at your wedding. not only will your photographs show that and i feel as though you will always look back and love your wedding day but your guests will leave and never forget this amazing unique wedding.

maybe you want to make your timeline different? something silly you guys do together that you want to add in? have a dog that you love … have it in the wedding! I don’t think thats trashy as all even though i’ve heard that being said … who cares! i mean seriously … if i would have had zoey … you’re darn right she would have had a tutu on and strutted her stuff down the aisle. sure i may have been mocked by my sister and others but who cares … thats ME! in love with a silly dog. i mean come on … my whole family mocks me about the way i talk to her and how i tuck her in at night. pff. whatever. ๐Ÿ˜‰

vintage is always a great way to go because its actually cheaper in most cases! find vintage pieces as your center piece … every table doesn’t have to be the same! mix it up … oh the joys i could have from being a wedding planner! I could go on and on about decor and eventually i’ll blog more about it in more details and certain categories but wanted to share with you some unique weddings i’ve seen over other blogs and what not. Also just a side note, take into consideration your getting ready location, along with your ceremony and reception venue. makes a huge difference if your decor will stand out and how your photographs will turn out. hope i wasn’t too blah for you today and enjoy the photographs. once again … happy friday!



p.s. check out one of my very creative SOON TO BE BRIDES I HOPE. Just met with her this morning and love this girl … checked out her blog and the amazing things she had to say about me and not to mention the direction she is going with her wedding plans is making me pee my pants. well … not quite but almost ๐Ÿ˜‰ check her blog out HERE.

picture credits :: so of course a lot of photographs are from my favorite photographer from vancouver, jamie delaine and also her being featured on other wedding blogs which brings me to my next point … check out some of these wedding planning blogs! you’ll find such great ideas!

{ jamie delaine photography }

Fun heels is a must!

pink wedding dress?! seriously LOVE.

all above picture credit :: { jamie delaine photography }

I had to share these pictures I came across today. Julie Harmsen the photographer who took the pictures of me recently got married in Hawaii and her photographer was Sarah Rhoads. But how amazing is her decor?! So her too!

check out this beautiful wedding by Clayton Austin I found on green wedding shoes blog. you can go under the theme of your wedding and see some amazing real weddings! The whole wedding is HERE

Soooooo many fun ideas! I hope I gave enough credit to these amazing photographers and blogs but make sure to check it out … when I have time i love checking these blogs out and seeing what crazy creative things people are doing and love it. so inspiring. as a photographer i see so many of these creative ideas on other blogs and to my 2012 brides … i can’t wait to share some creative weddings on here this year with all the weddings i have booked. so excited!

green wedding shoes (love love love)
style me pretty (love love)
junebug weddings (just came across recently)
ruffled blog (just came across recently)
simply blue weddings (just came across recently)

just some amazing wedding blogs to get some ideas and inspirations and make sure to put your own personality twist to it. Notice their surroundings and what their schedule was like to create this beautiful unique day and photographs.

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  1. Dana
    Friday, March 25th, 2011
    Oh to have the knowledge I do now about my own style... things would have been a lot different, although I wouldn't change the way I did things for my wedding for the world... The ONLY thing that mattered, besides marrying the love of my life, was that my father got to walk me down the aisle before he went to be with our Lord and Savior! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures Leah! Maybe Ty and I will renew our vows sometime and we can have fun creating another "wedding"!!
  2. Ashley Freeman
    Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
    those shoes are beyond amazing!