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september 2013 goals

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photo from Chloe’s senior session [coming soon]

Happy September! The month that has over the years, been slowly becoming my favorite month. I’m just dying to wear some boots, scarfs, anything and everything pumpkin! I may already have a pumpkin candle burning in the office. It just makes me so happy. The color change, the colder weather, I just love it all. Before I got married, Fall wasn’t really that exciting to me. Maybe its because it was back to school and I was in school … but as soon as I got married and had a home to decorate of my own, fall is now something I look forward to. I’m already thinking of ideas for the fall backdoor display with pumpkins and leaves. Is September too early for pumpkins? I might just have to break the rules and buy some before September is done.

It is also a reminder we better get our outside work done around the house before the snow comes. Which means something else is coming for us this year … baby!

This summer was very different for me obviously. Never been pregnant before haha. I ended up not taking as many weddings as usual which was a decision Matthew and I made together due to personal reasons but boy am I glad and appreciate the slower summer. I’ve been busy filling up my time with portraits and finally tackling things in my life that have been put off for way too long. I finally at 26 feel like life is not soooo darn crazy to the point where I can’t keep up. It is so refreshing.

I’m feeling pretty good about my September goals. I feel as though they are do-able. Which I’m getting better at lately. Being a bit more realistic about my goals and plans. And time. Hey, it only took 26 years to figure it out. I’ve been trying to read a book all summer and without fail, the last week of every month I realize I haven’t even opened one up yet. Just seems to be that if I have a minute to lay down, I either want to sleep, or just rest and feel my baby moving around like crazy. But I really really do want to enjoy a nice book this month. Maybe with the chillier weather, I’ll want to. And I’m feeling great lately and not too sleepy during the day. I also am working towards getting ready for baby, slowly but surely. Just little ‘baby’ steps 😉 and enjoying it along the way! Next is dresser and diaper bag! I’ve been feeling it out and found some ideas! Can’t wait to find the perfect fits for us.

September Goals

Start decorating for fall inside
Enjoy a pumpkin spiced latte
Figure out, hunt down, and purchase the perfect dresser/changing table for the nursery
Plant mums, change out flowers for fall
Backdoor fall decor
Finish Basement [never ending, but it will end this month]*
Read a book*
Walk with Zoey regularly
Try a workout class
Find that perfect diaper bag for me
Second shoot 3 weddings, so much fun second shooting for my friends that always shoot for me
Finish up outdoor projects with Matthew

[* mean goals from previous month] … Share some of your goals for this month in the comment section!

p.s. I’M 20 WEEKS TODAY!!! Isn’t that crazy?!? Half way there! Time just flies way too fast. SLOW DOWN PLEASE!

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  1. Randi
    Wednesday, September 4th, 2013
    My goals are to get back into running, which I started with a couple walks sofar! Finish Piper's table and paint my front door and garage entry door black. I can't believe you're 20 weeks already!! Yay!