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hello everyone. and happy thursday. almost there … to the weekend. which doesn’t mean much for me this week because i’ve been working non-stop for the past week. like seriously … not doing ANYTHING but working. it feels good to make some headway but then again, its easy to start to feel like there is no end to the tunnel. i’ll get there though. periodical phone calls to matt for a boost me up is necessary but always helps push me forward.

things are going to slow way down for me soon and i couldn’t be more ready for it. when i quit my job in the beginning of the year i knew that i would be somewhat laid off for the winter months … and i was okay with that. i love winter. i love the holidays, and especially i love snow. matthew and i are advocate snowmobilers. we like to shred some snow if you know what i’m say’n. so as hard as it is to say no, i’m going to make sure i stick to my guns on this one. i’ve read a lot of other photographers that i look up to and i think its very important to give myself some time to regroup and relax. get inspired again. some people won’t understand it but i know what i need. some photographers scatter their life out more and don’t book so heavily in the summer and fall months, while others take a few weeks off here and there. i even know of one fellow photographer that lives in a warmer state and goes 3 months on and 3 months off just to keep her sanity. its important. and much needed. not to mention my second reason which is the fact that shooting in the freezing cold is no fun. i’ve tried it. freezing fingers, running noses, and lets face it … i can’t fix a red nose in a picture. or the fact that their shoulders are squeezed up because they are on the verge of hypothermia. i know i don’t have to explain myself but want people to understand why i made this choice and also you awesome blog readers need to know whats going on in the world of leah mullett photographer of course! i will be making a few exceptions … to my brides. if they insist on winter photos due to having to get invites out or what not. or if that shows their personality and they love winter and want that winter wonderland photo then lets bundle up and do it. oh and of course i will be shooting a few weddings this winter so that will keep me busy too.

what are my plans you ask?! well well … i have a few. but keeping it minimal because otherwise i will schedule something everyday and next thing you know it … the crazy year 2011 that i have planned will be in full swing. i plan on relaxing maybe, a little leah time … catching up on things around the house i haven’t had time for, working out more, strengthing my relationship with God, spending more time with my husband and cutest dog ever Zoey … and maybeeee even going christmas shopping before December 24th. I also have been meeting with a graphic designer and can’t wait to share with everyone these new exciting things that are happening in my business. I will be taking the winter to re-evaluate my first year of doing photography full time and change some things. eeekkk! how exciting. wow … see! my to do list is still pretty long … its going to fly by i know it.

before i head out i really want to share with you a few things that i’m love’n lately. yes yes … kind of like my ‘monday must have’s’ posts but its thursday. but guess what … its my blog and i can do it. ha. love it.

two names. damon and stefan. vampires. wowza. i am in love. you see … if i don’t put credit on here to my sister she will probably slap me. so thank you tara for pushing me everyday to watch vampire diaries. evertime she told me about them i was like … nahhh … sounds way too much like twilight stuff and i don’t need another show i have to watch. i really don’t know why i didn’t want to watch it but when it came time for my week of non-stop working and not leaving the house much i decided to check it out and borrow her dvd of the first season. aaaaaand i watched it in 2 days. all of it. ha. great great show! I’m still not all caught up because the rest is on her dvr but i hope to catch up soon and start watching it on the CW. of course its almost done though so maybe I can catch the third season next spring. i just think there are some really good acting in this show and lets be 100% truthful ladies … its not to hard to stare at these boys. i’m falling more for stefan these days but as of now … damon has my heart. or as some of us vampire lovers would say … he can bite me anytime! haha. matt thinks i’m a dork. but this show has been getting me through the week. seriously.

check out these sexy guys! and elena (nina) is smokin hot and is a very very good actress. oh … damon is on the left in the first image. yup. go by the dvd. its on my christmas list … if i make it that long without buying it. its questionable.

what else am i loving lately … the jabbawockeez! have you guys ever watched them?! its amazing! i’m like smiling the whole time and blown away by their talent. they really are amazing how they give music a movement and i love how they wear masks so you concentrate on their movement as a group and not as an individual. these are my three favorite dances of theirs. you have to fast forward a bit because it has the abdc stuff before it. but seriously … take a minute and watch it. worth it. i WILL see these guys in vegas soon. i’m working on that trip.

have a fabuluos thursday. i have something exciting happening today so i better keep moving so i can enjoy a special date night 😉


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  1. Ivana Bosch
    Thursday, November 18th, 2010
    Yay for date nights <3 Im glad you are doing so well! and yes, finally some time for your self will be much needed for you. Good for you ! Ive also heard of Vampire Diaries and Thanks, I will now be DVRing it haha :) p.s. Id love to see you
  2. Ashley Freeman
    Thursday, November 18th, 2010
    LEAH! I love vampire diaries!!!!!! ahhh seriously soo good. I even got marshall slightly into it (Shhh) :) he won't admit that he likes it but he always wants me to wait till he's home to watch an episode...