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Pumpkin patch + a Hay Ride

I have to admit I feel a little guilty about Levi not getting out a ton this summer to do fun activities. Something I always looked forward to before having children but then 42 weeks pregnant came … I wasn’t goin’ a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e. Then baby came, and that just scared me even more to leave the house out numbered. Now that Clare is 3 months [how the heck?!] I’m getting a LITTLE more confident to leave the house with the two on my own. But I had a friend for back up of course.

Wednesday was such a beautiful fall day! Of course the one day I dress for actual FALL weather it was seventy degrees so I was a sweaty pig but so so glad we went. I picked up my friend Alisa & her 3 year old son Zander and we literally made a decision where our fun day was going to take place as we were driving. We’re so spontaneous! HA! Post family farms was the winner!

To a college/highschool/non-parent, this place may seem like a joke. BUT THEN, you have kids and its like the best-est place ever! Levi & Zander absolutely loved the big pipes that are slides, picking pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, hay rides, amazing donuts, feeding the animals, and of course rides in the little barrels behind a lawn mower. Can we say hillbilly?! But hey, kids freak’n love it. Who would-a thought a barrel painted pink with a piggy face would bring so much joy to children?! Although, it did not bring joy right away to Levi. I had to be THAT mom that straps him in & lets him scream a very high pitch scream but I knew once it got going he would stop. Like I said, we didn’t get out much this summer. He is also a professional mean-mugger. It’s totally his thing lately.

image image image image image image image image imageimage imageimageNow that is what I call a friend! Haul’n both boys & a pumpkin back to the wagon!

imageRun Free Be Wild Tee :: Jeans :: Carmel Moccasins :: Solly Baby Wrap

So glad we finally made it out for our first festive outing & thankful for such a beautiful day! Pretty sure Levi’s favorite part of the day was feeding the goats & although he won’t admit it. He totally felt like a complete bad ass in that pink piggy barrel.

Hope everyone is having a lovely October so far! We spent last weekend up north at our cabin and the colors were changing up there so hopefully down here we’ll see some color change SOON! xoxo

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