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paige :: senior

i jumped out of the car the day before to take audrey’s senior portraits and then ask, ‘who’s this?!’ to her friend standing besides her, “hi! i’m paige, you’re taking my pictures tomorrow.’ I was so excited to meet her officially and for the surprise that she tagged along with audrey! it was so fun and we got to know eachother while snapping away at audrey. the next day we met downtown grand rapids and picked up where we left off. talked about her passion for dancing and how it fills up her days and nights pretty quick.

today is her very first day of senior year and i couldn’t be more excited for paige. and all those kids out there. again, i’m a little nervous and especially thinking about my little brother who started his first day of eighth grade today! can’t believe he is that old already. first day of school is sometimes nerve-recking … but not so much for a senior. i’m sure paige, audrey, emily, marissa, alyshia, isaiah, all my seniors are smiling from ear to ear. there is just something about knowing that the end of the tunnel is near and everyone knows senior year is just FUN with easy classes and the teachers let you slide with some things they normally wouldn’t do. atleast thats the way it should be. congrats paige, on your last year of high school before you have to go out into the BIG world of working alllll the time 😉 oh the joy of working.


isn’t she gorgeouuuus?!!!!!

love ya paige! had a blast!


HAPPY TUESDAY! and loving this fall weather!


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  1. Marcy
    Tuesday, September 6th, 2011
  2. Ginny
    Tuesday, September 6th, 2011
    Great pics again Leah. The blue wall close up shot is my fav! We have been scrutinizing Isaiah's pics this weekend so I'm into it. Just sayin.
  3. Ginger
    Thursday, September 8th, 2011
    Wow...look at her eyes! So pretty, nice job Leah! Love the colors!
  4. michele
    Friday, September 16th, 2011
    Leah, these are so beautiful, cant wait to see them all. You were great!!!