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our 6 year anniversary vacation

Oh where to begin. About a month ago, Matthew and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary and at the last minute decided it was smart to take a road trip down south. We had talked about it months prior but I was dead set on saving our vacation time and money for a ‘babymoon’ … the new thing. What is a babymoon you ask? Well, right before your baby comes you do one last hur-rah and take off and enjoy a mini vacation right before the needs of parenthood slap you in the face. So I loved that idea. But it just wasn’t working out in our schedules and going out of town a few weeks before my due date didn’t sound appealing either. Or traveling in a car for long periods of time. So here is our pre-babymoon trip.

Our first stop was West Virginia which if you follow my instagram, you know we stayed in some pretty amazinggggg rustic cabins that were built pre-civil war. I highly recommend them. [Email me if you would like a recommendation] The first meal we ate was at a local restaurant that was on an beautiful river with an beautiful view. And some ducks. Which we all know my weirdly obsession with ducks. Well, any animal really. Some smart people had bags of corn you could buy for 50 cents and throw below to the ducks, which the money went to the local human society. Yeah, I spent like 10 bucks. I kept telling Matt it was definitely the highlight of our trip so far. It was just way too fun. But then they started fighting and I felt bad. I wish I could feed them all day every day.

6yranniversaryvacation 1

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6yranniversaryvacation 3

We arrived to our pre-civil war cabins and settled in. The view was amazing from the side of the mountain. We saw deer every morning and evening, even some babies in there. My dad and step mom let us borrow their jeep wrangler which was a blast to take down as well. They had actually gone on the same trip [totally wasn’t planned] so when I told him where we were going he offered up his jeep and told us about these cabins. We were so happy they recommended us here. The only downfall was was that the town was as boring as they come. So someday we would love to go back, but we would definitely pack more things to do and food to cook on our own.

6yranniversaryvacation 4

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6yranniversaryvacation 7

I loved all the different textures in this old cabin.

6yranniversaryvacation 8

6yranniversaryvacation 9

Our view off the deck.

6yranniversaryvacation 10

6yranniversaryvacation 11

6yranniversaryvacation 12

One of my favorite nights from the whole entire trip was our bonfire we had this night. Our talks were amazing and Matt built a pretty darn good fire too. I’ll always cherish those special alone times we have together. We also drove around looking for some dinner for a few HOURS and the one good thing was the drive through the mountains and seeing HUNDREDS of deer. Seriously, I’ve never seen so many deer in my life in one night. And tons of big bucks that were all hanging out together. So fun.

6yranniversaryvacation 13

We all know I swang on this swing while drinking coffee the next morning. Best morning view ever.

6yranniversaryvacation 14

6yranniversaryvacation 15

6yranniversaryvacation 16

6yranniversaryvacation 17

No, we didn’t have to use the outhouse but I just loved they way it looked. I’m thankful we’ve evolved to flush-able toilets.

6yranniversaryvacation 18

6yranniversaryvacation 19

6yranniversaryvacation 20

6yranniversaryvacation 21

6yranniversaryvacation 22

This is as good as it gets with a self timer. One downfall to an alone trip is the lack of photos together.

6yranniversaryvacation 23

6yranniversaryvacation 24

The next day we jumped back in the jeep and headed out again to continue our road trip and site seeing. Yes, we were total tourists and had to stop at all the touristy spots. Including Grandfather Mountain. Which was pretty amazing. I can’t believe they allow people to just climb on this thing. I was having anxiety about the children climbing around me and then there was a lady climbing with a CANE. Seriously … uhhh no. You shouldn’t be up here.

6yranniversaryvacation 25

6yranniversaryvacation 26

Loved being on vacation with the 17 week baby bump. It was so awesome to talk baby plans throughout our road trip.

6yranniversaryvacation 27

6yranniversaryvacation 28

6yranniversaryvacation 29

6yranniversaryvacation 30

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6yranniversaryvacation 37

Grandfather mountain has a nature center as well with some cute animals. The otters were my favorite, total show-offs swimming upside down and putting on a show for us. Matt’s was of course the bald eagle, which was pretty awesome … but he just sat there. Made me feel better when they explained that all these animals were saved and wouldn’t survive out in the wild. When we arrived to the mountain, they gave us a disk that you pop in and it ‘narrates’ the trip up the mountain with all the historic information of it and the nature center.

6yranniversaryvacation 38

6yranniversaryvacation 39

6yranniversaryvacation 40

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6yranniversaryvacation 42

Grandfather mountain along with other touristy spots are along the Blue Ridge Parkway which is what we drove on the entire time. Beautiful beautiful views, and having a jeep to ride it in was pretty awesome. Of course with the top off the jeep. The tunnels were of course the most exciting.

6yranniversaryvacation 43

6yranniversaryvacation 44

6yranniversaryvacation 45

6yranniversaryvacation 46

6yranniversaryvacation 47

Watching the clouds role in at super fast speed at the top of Mt. Mitchell was pretty amazing too.

6yranniversaryvacation 48

And then there was this terrible decision I made, and yes, I’m taking full credit for it. The Blue Ridge Parkway stopped for construction or something so we had to either turn around and go back quite a ways until there was a paved road we could exit on … or we could just listen to the GPS which was telling us to turn right down this side road. Matt mentioned that it looked iffy but I assured him if the GPS tells us to take it we’re good. Yeah, about 2 miles down the super super steep road that was a two-track road and super bumpy I was like uhhh no. Lets turn around. But there was NO turning around on this mountain drive. And we had like seven miles to go. I was so uncomfortable every time we hit a bump and my seat belt locked up and I about pee’d my pants. Until we came across thee most beautiful water fall just hiding in the mountain. Then my attitude did a 180.

6yranniversaryvacation 49

6yranniversaryvacation 50

6yranniversaryvacation 51

6yranniversaryvacation 52

The last spot was Chimney Rock. Unfortunately we didn’t make it in time to do the walk through, just too much to do with not enough time so we settled for gazing at it from this position. This is where one of my favorite movies was filmed, Last of the Mohicans. So I of course made Matt listen to the soundtrack as we drove away from it. There were just random waterfalls falling down these beautiful rocks, God made some pretty amazingly beautiful landscapes.

6yranniversaryvacation 53

This was over about 5 days of driving down to North Carolina making pit stops along the way. We stayed in that first cabin for only one night and then kept heading south on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We did go to Asheville, North Carolina where we stopped at the Biltmore but just saw it from afar. Lots of fun yummy meals, probably one of my favorite restaurants now is Longhorn Steakhouse. Yummmmmy.

I would love to give some referrals to places! The second cabin we stayed in for two nights wasn’t near as interesting as our first cabin but it was still awesome to be in the mountains of North Carolina verses a hotel.

We had such an amazing trip and I’ll always cherish this special time with Matthew celebrating six amazing years. And also this last big vacation before baby! It was definitely our perfect vacation.

xoxo, Leah

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  1. Friday, September 13th, 2013
    Well you totally win on taking your camera on vacation & taking gorgeous photos!!! Looks like you saw some beautiful places :)