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october 2012 goals


well there goes september … and we’re welcoming october today on this beautiful day here in michigan. i’m pretty sure every month i say that the last one just flew by but seriously … last month FLEW BY. its getting faster and faster every month i swear. but so excited for october to be here! i shot a wedding this past saturday and actually have about a month off of weddings until i shoot my last one for the year at the end of the month. so this month is going to be very much dedicated to catching up and editing my little butt off. with hopefully sneaking in a few ‘autumn’ fun past times like decorating my back door with pumpkins and mums (started but have some more to do), along with drinking some apple cider and oh my favorite, maybe eating a slice of pumpkin pie!!!

so here are my monthly goals. once again, centered around accomplishing my work and catching up with editing! oh and of course, always trying to live a healthier lifestyle and enjoying life and the beautiful nature around me.


october goals

organize office paperwork
get on schedule with editing + blogging
workout 3-5 days a week
decorate back porch with fall goodness
learn lots at the ‘making things happen’ seminar
enjoy ATTENDING a wedding this weekend
read a book

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  1. Monday, October 1st, 2012
    Oooh! October sounds like an awesome month for you :) And you're going to MTH?! Awesome!!! They are a fab trio of ladies.